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Thursday, August 04, 2005

More On Reality

Howard at Oraculations says the current leadership of Air America did know about the charitable money.

Also, see his post about corruption in Iraq. Everything I know tells me that he's right on the money with this point.

Politically speaking, I think the centrist wing of the Democratic party is ready to rise back up and try to take over. See Howard's observations.

Oh - and see Minh-Duc's comments on Rush Limbaugh's faux-pas. (Rush deserves a drubbing from what I've read):
What is most upsetting about this incident is the lack of outrage from the Right. In fact many are shamelessly defending Rush. The Right had the reputation of cleaning our own house. During the Trent Lott scandal, I was proud to be a conservative. It is absolutely shameful that many conservatives are behaving like hypocritical moonbats. It is time conservatives let Rush knows he is way out of line.
I think the electorate is in a state of flux. We know what we want and what we believe (and almost all of us are rather moderate), but we aren't sure how we can get what we want out of our leaders. We have the feeling that our nation's business really isn't being taken care of. And we're right about that.

Brian at Radio Equalizer might have expressed it best:
Which is just the point: the police-bashing St. Louis DJ's have a better chance of keeping their jobs than Graham, in today's political environment.

These are tough lessons about double standards and selective outrage. We really have but one tool to fight back, the same way Mike Anderson has, with a stubborn compulsion to follow through on these issues.
He's talking about Graham's dismissal and another radio scandal which has been ignored, but this really fits the larger political picture. The borders, national security and illegal immigration, finances, etc - there are a lot of real problems that most Americans don't think are being dealt with. We are in no mood for talking points or symbolic behavior. We are done with the era of admiring this, and we are now in the era of contemplating grim reality and trying to figure out how to make it less grim.

Good stuff.

I would like to see how the Air America plays out, MSM wise.

As for the Rush deal, a faux pas, by definition, is just that. It is what is- move on.
Give Rush a break - I'm told by some ex-military neighbors that "staff puke" is a legitimate for someone who holds a non-combat position in the military. The military, like any other organization, has its own jargon and most civiians probably wouldn't recognize it. Hackett's claim to having led troops in combat is evidently false; he held a desk job in Fallujah after te worst of the fighting was over. If true, I find his claims to be much more offensive than Rush using military jargon to describe him.
Emmy, look, my father used the expression "staff puke" all the time. But he had been in the military, he was smiling as he said it, and he had ended up being a staff puke.

I think, not that I have read a complete transcript, (best I found was on Kos), that if Rush denigrated the guy on that basis that Rush was out of line on that point. I'm not saying Rush deserves to be shot. If I talked every day like he does I'd have my foot in my mouth at least an hour a day.

But is it really legitimate for someone who never served to claim that someone else's service isn't legitimate? Fallujah and Ramadi aren't exactly backwaters. If the guy was out and about, meeting with local leaders, he was a target. The terrorists even shoot down the election workers over there!

Turn it around. Suppose that Hackett had been running as a Republican in support of Bush, and that Air America had criticized him in that way. I bet Rush would be roaring about the unfairness of it.
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