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Friday, September 23, 2005

Funny, Funnier, Funniest

Betsy Newmark discusses Dianne Feinstein's reasons for rejecting John Roberts, giving a quote to support her skepticism:
It sounds like the thing that decided Diane Feinstein to vote against Roberts was that she didn't like his answers "as a son, husband, a father."
Is that what we're really looking for in a judge? His ability to emote publicly about his feelings? Would it have been acceptable to have voted against Ruth Bader Ginsburg because a senator didn't like her answers "as a mother?" Can you imagine the uproar over that?
Yes, I can. I can imagine the accusations of sexism. The comments are even funnier - here's one:
The single most important characteristic of a SC justice is the ability to get lost in their own emotionalism just before making a decision. This tends to insure that they'll never make the mistake of not voting like a lefty.
I laughed, anyway. That's about what Feinstein appeared to be saying.

And on this hurricane-hassled Friday, don't miss Tommy at Striving For Average's take on senatorial pontificating about Roberts. You will cry with laughter, especially when you get to Hillary Clinton.

Iowahawk has outdone himself with News Niblets. Stay dry.

There are some really funny and talented people out there. Great links, MOM.
SC&A, there is nothing wrong with this country except our politicians (your "agendistas").
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