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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Rita News

Update for Lake Charles: (according to the mayor, Randy Roach. He also wants no one to come back for two days.)
Asked about flooding, he said the water was over the boardwalk along the lakefront. Pumps at the Kayouchee Coulee pump station were overwehlmed because of high water.

"It will take a while for water to drain, " he said.

Roach said the Civic center "seemed to come through pretty well" with only a few broken windows . He said the Hibernia Tower had some first story windows out. "Every street is impassible. We don't want anyone coming back until we are able to do a more extensive survey." Roach added that the damage to LC is "nothing like you saw in Mississippi."

"The damage here is consistent with a category 2 hurricane, " he said. He said its going to take a long time to restore power. "We won't be able to restore power in a couple of days. I haven't seen anything we cannot recover from.
End Update

Rita is chopping up eastern Texas and western Louisiana this morning. For breaking news see Newsday Nation (AP). For blogging news at the source, try Post Katrina Louisiana and American Press.

NOLA.com is carrying New Orleans news. It does look like parts of Chalmette are flooded, which means Arabi must have some flooding too. Times-Picayune Breaking News for updates. Lake Charles and Beaumont got severely hit.

The Anchoress can eat now.

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