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Saturday, October 08, 2005

A Terrible Earthquake

I read the news this morning about the earthquake affecting Pakistan (and Afghanistan) which reported probably a few hundred dead. But Guatemala had reported over 1000 dead in mudslides, so I was looking for more news on that.

But now the reports coming in from Pakistan look horrible. They are estimating over 3000 dead, but of course there will be many more injured. Gateway Pundit seems to be tracking all the coverage, and given the remoteness of the area, it's likely that more casualties will continue to be reported. In Mansehra there are estimates that 250 children were killed in one school and 50 in another. There are also deaths in India and Afghanistan, apparently.

Does anyone know which relief organization is best for this area? After the reports of what the UN did and did not do for the tsunami, I feel like donating to another organization would be better.

They are still having severe aftershocks (USGS).

I think well of Mercy Corps, particularly for humanitarian relief in third-world countries. They tend to have a lot of pre-existing presence and a good reputation for spending money on useful things rather than plush offices, lobbying, etc.
Thank you very much, jaed!

Yes, I am not wanting money to end up in plush offices. Even in the states I have found that the plusher the offices the less actually happens on the ground.
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