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Monday, December 05, 2005

The Blogging Trenches

Howard of Oraculations was sneak-attacked by FireFox, the Latest Incarnation (cue scare music). But he's up and running again on a new template. He points out that the new FireFox is incompatible with Blogger, so you have been warned. Download at your peril.

Earlier this year SC&A and I were debating (privately) the oil "shortage", and I claimed that oil was heading to the 50's this year and should drop to $45 a barrel next year. I haven't changed my mind, and now the NY Times publicizes oil execs worrying about the same thing:
In a recent speech in Singapore, John Browne, the chief executive of BP, spoke of a possible sharp drop in prices and called current levels "unsustainably high."

John Hofmeister, head of Shell Oil in the United States, said during an interview, "This high price cycle is artificially inflated."
It is and prices are going down after a wave of speculation and market response to increase production. Greenspan knew it, and now you do too.

Mover Mike has commented on your post re peaking oil prices.
HP fixed the Firefox problem, which may be unique to a few private versons of Windows XP, If you are having trouble with colors and things simply go to your control panel, click on Accessability Options, click on Display. What you're likely to see is that the 'High Contrast" is checked. Uncheck it. It's fixed. The bad thing about FF 1.5 is that once downloaded you can't get the old version back.
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