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Friday, January 13, 2006

You'll Be Glad You Clicked

Democratic Underground agony:

I just talked to someone in a democratic senator's office
and the calls they are getting for him to vote to CONFIRM "far outnumber" the
calls to filibuster!!!

Foreseeing defeat, DU decides to mount a practical and effective public relations campaign:

We must stategize on a basis of truth! For one thing, if you know how badly the election system is rigged, defeats are less likely to produce feelings of hopelessness and disempowerment. ....
So, one strategy would be an all out effort at new voter registration and getting out the vote, combined with TELLING voters the TRUTH about these machines, and engaging their desire to defeat election fraud by our sheer numbers. The Democratic Party strategy seems to be to hide the truth (the best construction I can put on Dem Party leaders' silence on Bushite corporations' control of our votes with secret programming). ...

Another strategy is to aim beyond the next election, and concentrate on gathering evidence--for election challenges, for lawsuits, and for a bang-up state/local venue campaign against electronic voting, between elections (say between '06 and '08).

I said this was a Pep Talk, and I mean it. There is a REASON why the great American progressive majority is not represented in Washington DC in proportion to its numbers.

As a wild guess, I'd say it's thinking like this. Or maybe Pedro can explain it. And
Liberal Larry has been rolling around in the hemp a bit too much:

Quite frankly I was surprised that Alito even showed up for the hearings. Far tougher men and a great deal of women have turned and fled from Ted Kennedy, and wisely so. When a supreme court nominee or Bush cabinet pick first becomes the target of his relentless barrage of well-aimed stutters and stammers, they may believe Kennedy is nothing more than a fat, belligerent drunk. After an hour of questioning, they’re certain of it. It isn’t until they get home and read the New York Times that they learn they’ve been bested by the most brilliant statesman in American history.

I hope you enjoy your weekend!

Every day I think the bloggers are out of material, but every day another dim-wit opens their mouth and you have a weeks worth of blogging. Ain't they so helpful?
Now that they know they have lost on Alito they are planning to get back to the basics, obstruct, obstruct and obstruct. See they really have a three part plan.
You were right- I'm glad I clicked.

Well, I did learn something valuable. Apparently, the democrats are part of the GOP voting fraud conspiracy.

I gotta tell, for 3 dead psychiatrists, we're the picture of mental health.
Scrapiron - the riches. The endless treasure. But the best is just how vast the rightwing conspiracy is becoming, even though progressives are a majority in the country.

SC&A, yeeeeeees. All the networks, all the papers, the Democratic leadership, the GOP - everyone's out to get them. Even though they are a majority.

Don't think of it as being three dead psychiatrists. Think of it as being frozen in amber and immune to the lunacy of the day.
I just can't believe that anyone in their right mind would say that Ted Kennedy is a great American statesman. In reality Ted Kennedy has been riding on his more capable brother's coattails.

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