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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Goldmining The Blogs

Pedro the Quietist posted a fantastic description of la-la leftism. La-la-leftism is idealism divorced from the need to get results, and Pedro anatomizes his observations of the beast in detail. This is a fantastic post. Pedro is blogging up a thoughtful storm. His observations about Bush's bad oratory are very interesting too. Just read the last week, will ya! Especially this about a "peace march" and marchers carrying signs "Smash The Jewish State".

Dust My Broom is a great Canadian blog. Raskolnikov takes an appalled look at MIHOP and LIHOP theorists. Sometimes it is very, very embarrassing to be "a Mercan". Wanna read about a Canadian hero? The real kind?

Tommy of Striving For Average contributes a humorous look at la-la leftism with The Code Pink Plan.

A little perspective for US citizens about economic matters. The Bundesbank forecast:
The Bundesbank expects the German economy to grow by 1.5 percent this year but believes that growth will fall back to 1.1 percent in 2007, the head of the bank Axel Weber revealed.

The introduction in early 2007 of a value-added tax of 19.0 percent -- an increase of three points on the current level -- would cause growth to slow, he told a press conference on Tuesday.

In 2005, German economy grew by 0.9 percent from output in 2004.
Taxation cannot produce prosperity.

Shrinkwrapped takes a much more substantive look at the Whiny Babies Grow Up To Be Republican Voters story than I did. I still can't even take it seriously, but SW does and he makes some interesting observations. As always, so do his commenters. SW:
Kleiner makes an egregious error in a "scientific" report. He fails to do the most fundamental work of any scientific article, ie define the terms. We do not know what the study author means by "liberal" and "conservative"? Is this a cultural, political (small government conservative? authoritarian conservative?), or temperamental designation?
Further, I would suggest that the author's terminology is hopelessly contradictory. If "the whiny kids tended to grow up conservative, and turned into rigid young adults" in Berkeley, wouldn't that mean they are far left adherents of the party line? After all, that is the predominant political culture in academic Berkeley. In Berkeley, a true non-conformist would most likely be a neocon and a Berkeley radical would be a religious Jew or Christian!
Just one example: Once again, Paris is burning, and the fires this time are being set by the university age children of the comfortable middle class who have grown up in a Socialist state where jobs, when they are available, are for life, and where all one's needs are met by the state. It is unquestionable that Berkeley liberals would point to the French as the height of progressive thought and culture on the planet. Yet the paradox here is that the French rioters are not only anything but non-conformist, they are anxious, rigid, and terrified of change; they are violently reactionary.
It's all terrific. You don't want to miss this one.

Sigmund, Carl and Alfred linked to Michele Agnew, who had asked her readers' opinions of the behavior of women who date married men. Good one. Mamacita did not pull her punches. GO, MAMACITA!!!!

SC&A doesn't pull his punches either in this rather stern post about the moral duty to confront evil head on::
In fact, anyone with a real sense of self esteem and the belief and convictions that we have a value system worth defending, has not only the right to confront and criticize both 'progressives' and radical Islamists at every opportunity, but the obligation as well. To stand up for one's beliefs has been a hallmark of the human condition and ideals. As we have noted, the 'progressives' willingly and joyfully assume the role of slaves. That the 'progressives' are willing to assume the yoke of servitude speaks volumes as to how they really see themselves and their beliefs.
Also he links to Dr. Sanity, who is sane, and has earned enemies for that. Sometimes you are best known not by the company you keep but by the people who are your enemies.

The Anchoress is having a very, very rough time. Please keep her in your prayers.

You don't need a study by the worst university in the world to tell me how children grow up and why. A trip to any shopping mall and a couple of hours watching the shoppers and their children (in most cases, animals) will tell you all you need to know. 100% of the welfare crowd are liberal lefties (gimme more) and the behavior of their children is only a precursor to their prison sentence. Don't believe me, watch. You can pick out the future prison population with little effort and 99% of them will be the offspring of leftie welfare riders. In the past 25 years I haven't been wrong more tham 1% of the time when I told someone there was a future prisoner for the taxpayers to keep up. Still haven't figured out if it's cheaper to keep them in prison or keep them on welfare, the taxpayers pay either way.
You know, I think some of the way that we have handled welfare has caused a great deal of crime.

Look at France. You can't concentrate large unemployed populations who have nothing productive to do without generating violence and crime.

People are going to do something! And if only 5% of a particular population are criminals willing to rob and be violent, the rest clear off the streets.
Any animal, forced to live in close quarters with too many others of its kind, will become anti-social and violent if it chooses to remain in such conditions. People were never meant to live like ants in an anthill, stacked on top of each other in tenements, jammed into overcrowded classrooms, etc. Back in the day, there were legitimate outlets for aggression and pent-up energy; you chopped wood, cut down trees, plowed, lifted heavy boxes, etc. Now, there's nothing. The aggression and energy are still there, but there are no outlets. In some cultures they still paint their bodies and dance till they drop, but in ours, maddened aggressors go berserk and attack each other, etc. What's the answer? I don't know. Better birth control, maybe. Because there are way too many people living like this, and I'm frankly tired of hearing excuses for their behavior other than "I'm a jerk, that's why."

(Thank you so much for the mention. Your blog is so classy, and when you use my name, I feel like I've been invited to sit with the cool kids.)
Odd Mamacita - I kind of feel the same way about you!
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