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Monday, April 10, 2006

The Fate Of The Democratic Party

This article by Daniel Gonzalez in AZCentral.com is true:
Scenes of hundreds of thousands of Latinos marching nationwide to support immigration reform have helped promote the perception that Hispanics are united on the issue.
"That's the objective of the marches. To give the impression that all Latinos are for allowing the illegals to become citizens. Well, I'm not," Phoenix resident Lionel De La Rosa said.

Born in Texas, the 71-year-old Vietnam veteran favors punitive measures more in line with the immigration bill passed by the House in December that would have made being in the United States illegally a felony.

"I'm for that 100 percent," he said. "As far as my Latino friends are concerned, they all agree on this."
I know because Chief No-Nag is so distressed about the demonstrations that he wants the constitution changed so that citizenship is not automatically given to children of illegals who are born in this country. Chief No-Nag is a naturalized citizen who didn't arrive in this country until his twenties. He was born in South America and learned English as an adult.

The one thing Chief No-Nag can't stand is anti-Americanism. He now thinks the Democratic party is the enemy of America and the constitution itself. He believes that the Democratic party is whipping this up to attack the country's foundations, and he is so bitter that I doubt he will ever vote for a Democrat in Congress or for President again. He used to vote solid Democratic. As far as Chief No-Nag is concerned, the Democrats stand only for destruction and want to keep the poor and uneducated in this country poor and uneducated so that they can use them. He says that's because they haven't got any ideas and so can't compete for thinking voters.

Now the media is beginning to get some inkling of this, which is why we are beginning to see stories about Hispanics wanting to "raise the drawbridge". That's not it at all - that's a total lie. The Hispanics in this country want to preserve the castle because they live in it. What's the use of a drawbridge with no castle? They would be more than willing to welcome new immigrants. Many of them (as does Chief No-Nag) disapprove of the consumerist, over-materialistic culture of the US. They are more people-oriented than the average US citizen, and more sympathetic to those in poverty.

But you have to understand that for Hispanics, as for so many other immigrant groups, the Constitution of the United States has offered for them a decent life and human dignity that could not be found in countries of origin. The US has a culture of laws which protect the least of its citizens, and that is what they came here for. To watch people marching against the country AND ITS LAWS is a searing experience, and if Democrats try to use this (and most of the Hispanics believe that the left is behind it), they will never, ever forget or forgive the Democratic party.

By the way, this morning Chief No-Nag was reading the news about the demonstrations. His suggestion, made with a furious intensity, was that the police should go out, round up the demonstrators, and deport every last one of them who could not prove that he or she was in the country legally.

Every time I saw the news coverage today, I raised my fists and shouted, "REWARD US FOR BREAKING THE LAW! REWARD US FOR BREAKING THE LAW!" And then, in the fragment remaining of my Sam Nunn Democrat soul, I felt liberal guilt.

But I got over it.
LOL! I'm caught between total sympathy for people who just want to live and the realization that those brats roaming the streets while waving the Mexican flag have just ruined things for millions of people.

We can't afford open borders and we can't afford to wipe 10 million people out of the economy, so we do need to do something to allow some of these people to work legally, so that we can require employers not to hire illegals. I think attitudes are hardening very fast on this one.

I don't think Sam Nunn would approve of not stemming this flow under current national security conditions. He was no fool at all. Sigh. Remember when the Dems had a lot of really good, practical politicians who really cared about the average person?
Morning drive-time radio was claiming that in DC, the slogan of the marchers was "TODAY WE MARCH! TOMORROW WE VOTE!"
Yeah, that's about what it is.

I think the revolution is pending, but it won't be conducted by illegal aliens. It will be led by mechanics, tradesmen and construction workers.

No matter how you slice or dice it, the little guy is getting worked over.
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