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Friday, April 07, 2006

Like, Did We Say "Blech"?

It cracks me up that Katie Couric is going to be the new CBS news anchor. People are complaining that she's too liberal, but I think the problem is that she's a bubblehead. It's like making Robin Givhan WaPo's international news editor. MRC has a page of Couricisms. My two favorites:
"Let me ask you, when your husband was voted Sexiest Politician by People magazine, were you like ‘blech’? Or were you like, ‘Hey! That’s my man!’?"
Question to Elizabeth Edwards, July 15, 2004.

"Some countries, as you know Secretary Ridge, are furious at this new policy, specifically Brazil which has started to do the same to U.S. visitors to that country. A Brazilian judge said, compared the new security plans to Nazi horrors saying, ‘I consider the act absolutely brutal, threatening human rights, violating human dignity, xenophobic and worthy of the worst horrors committed by the Nazis.’ How do you respond to that?"
— Question to Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge, January 5, 2004.
This should go down in US media history as proof positive of the "blondes do have more fun on the news" theory. How quickly will the ratings tank? Will it be like a mudslide in a California spring? The Anchoress told them not to do it. They should have listened. TV news is about the personalities. I don't think it should be that way, but surely that's why they pay them big money. And how do you write a serious newscast featuring the personality of a bubblehead? The CBS News Nightly Bubblehead Hour. It's hard to believe.

Does it matter? It just means they've finally given up the charade that the person reading the news is doing anything more useful than reading the news. The evening news broadcast on the networks is pretty much irrelevant anymore, it's become a one time run of of CNNs headline news. I think Couric's hiring is a reflection of that, and of the inevitable drift away from news and to a Today in the evening format, for which she is qualified.
A couple days ago, the online comic Day by Day mentioned "Katie Couric's assets -- both of them".
Yes, she is definitely qualified for the Bubblehead News Hour. More than.

What kills me is that they haven't given up the pretense. They are still solemnly pontificating about their role as the distributors of enlightenment and all knowledge.
Couric's show has been at the top of her time slot for ten years. Her demographic is the same as Oprah: women between 21 and 45 WITH MONEY to spend. She will get the female viewer and CBS hopes their shack jobs/husbands between the same ages will watch too. If they do it will be a ratings coup. There is another view; in that Moonves scored a major coup by luring the top rated AM host to CBS so he can clobber her replacement in that ad rich time slot. CBS News ratings have been recovering very nicely under Bob Schieffer (sic) but that don't count for nothing at CBS because his viewers were old old old.
The bubble-headed bleach blonde
Comes on at five,
She'll tell you about the plane crash
With a gleam in her eye --
Interesting when people die,
Gives us Dirty Laundry!
Kick 'em when they're up,
Kick 'em when they're down,
Kick 'em when they're stiff,
Kick 'em all around!
-- Don Henley, "Dirty Laundry" (Said to be inspired by an actual news crew Henley had a few run-ins with)
Howard - I think you've explained WHY, but I don't think it's going to work as planned. For one thing, most women don't have the time to watch evening news. I oughta know. I am one.

Anyway, Couric may be tops but she's tops of a declining market. The real challenge for CBS is to make the "newscast" relevant, and this works in the other direction. I liked Bob Scheiffer.

I am sorry, Howard. I think this was one of the stupidest news moves of all time. Couric may appeal to the DC/NY crowd of women with aggrieved vaginas living off their alimony and/or husbands, but she is not going to appeal to the much larger demographic of women who work for a living. That demographic is the group of women who turned and voted largely for Bush.

I know that we have no voice in the media, but we do have money to spend. The "froth" of Givhan-like dingbat feminists might like Couric, but most women are going to feel insulted in the same way that Pelosi is insulting to us.
Anon, don't you think the left is trying to insult women with good sense right out of their party? Couric? Pelosi? This is the way to permanently build a silent majority of women who may not be exactly conservative but who are not sunk in nonsense. Couric is just such an incredible lightweight!

Anyway, I keep hearing "Werewomen of London". Pity me.
Anyway, Couric may be tops but she's tops of a declining market. The real challenge for CBS is to make the "newscast" relevant, and this works in the other direction.

What? You mean "Show Your Tits!" won't pack 'em in?
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