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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Muzzle McGruff!

I bet you all have heard those public service messages from McGruff "Take a bite out of crime". Well, in Japan McGruff would get a muzzle:
A yakuza gang has asked the local education board not to show schoolchildren an anti-gang video local police are producing for fear it will lead to discrimination of gangsters' children, it was learned Saturday.
On June 29, the board received a letter titled, "Petition," signed by Takeo Hayashi, supreme adviser to the Kudo-kai crime syndicate, and its secretary-general, Mitsuhide Honda.

"If the video is shown at schools, children of crime syndicate members will be bullied. It would constitute discrimination," the letter partly reads.
Just think of the true glory of this worldview. It is true that teaching kids about crime might raise questions in the minds of the children of criminals. I guess we shouldn't teach about nutrition, because that would make parents who don't serve balanced meals feel bad? I suppose we shouldn't teach that smoking is bad for you, because the children of smokers might get bullied? Of course discussing the value of an education might make the children of those who haven't gone to college feel bad.... What a glorious vision for society! I got this from Lucianne.

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