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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Do You Hate Your Job?

Help is on the way!

If you have a financial job, read The Housing Bubble Blog.

If you have any other kind of job, read the Chronicles of George, who writes the worst help tickets in the universe. I believe my personal favorite is "X called he recieving is not to turn on his machine." This is a native English speaker, btw. On the other hand, "X needed to know how to replicate" is a close second.

I think George does it on purpose, to inject a note of adventurous mystery into the techs' lives. Because let's face it, when you get a message like "X is havening problems printing certain pages from Microsoft", don't you feel a surge of curiosity? Don't you start wondering which pages and which application? Don't you find that motivational?

Mind you, if you spend too much time reading you won't have a job. George will, because he has friends in high places.

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