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Monday, August 14, 2006

H5N1 In Michigan, Thought to be NA Strain

This is not a surprise, so why the heck is Tony Snow making an announcement about H5N1 in Michigan if its the same old low path North American variant?

In Michigan in 2002, H5N1 was detected at a turkey farm. It was low-path, but all turkeys were killed anyway. Viruses shift between low pathogenic and high pathogenic strains, so the standard US procedure is kill 'em all and eliminate it. Pennsylvania didn't once, and learned its lesson. I think Mexico just lifted its import ban on PA chickens last year! A low path strain moved to high path and became a scourge.

I don't get this commotion, unless it is really political, because this is not news, really. Has Canada finally put the moves on us?. If they wanted to detect H5N1, they ought to come out and test the wild geese at my place. They are really sick, although most are going to make it (I think). Not all of them are going to be able to migrate, though.

Sorry to have to alarm you, but the Bird Flu virus is REAL and is currently growing at more than twice of the rate of the last year.

There have been 141 deaths related to the Bird Flu virus to date, that we know of.

The last 3 human fatalities resulting from the Bird Flu virus, were announced last week!

The fact that the infected Swans have been found on the US soil, is not unexpected news, as there is obviously, no passport control for wild birds!

It should scare the hell out of us though.

I hope that the powers that be, are taking this global threat to us seriously enough to try and prepare for the just-in-case scenario.

I would recommend that you look up some serious and focused sources of news regarding the bird flu virus.

We have today added the "H5N1 In Michigan, Thought to be NA Strain" entry of your blog, to The-Best-Bird-Flu-Blogs section of our site, in order to be able to provide a balance against those with an opposing view.

Oh, I've been blogging about it for a long time. I have no illusions. If it ever goes H2H, it will be quite an adventure decorated with a lot of bodies. Heck, I'm already at level five on our company pandemic plan (which I wrote) due to WHO's announcement that it threw out its stages. Don't try to teach your grandmother to suck eggs.

Either this in MI is the real thing, or it's not. If it's not, then this is not news. If it is, then we aren't being told the truth. It's most likely not, and if it isn't, then there is a real question as to why a big production is being made of this.

So far this year, H5N1 was found in NJ in a poultry market. H5N1 was found in domestic geese in Canada. H5N1 was probably found in a poultry market in PA, but they buried it.

Why suddenly this great commotion?
PA Ag Dept says the virus in PA bird market was H5N2.

I only know because I called and asked - apparently no one else in PA was interested.
The one in NJ was H5N1. There were several detections in PA of H5, though. Maybe both were H5N2.

I couldn't get an answer out of PA when I tried. They are sensitive to the bf issue because of their earlier problems. There's always going to be some of these viruses circulating, though. Always.
Why argue such a dangerous point? Just prepare for the thing, and if it doesn't come, you're prepared for the next blizzard, earthquake, whatever zone you're in. If it mutates, I'm no virologist, but they say once it mutates it can spread in 36 hours, I want to be prepared in case of shortages and power outages. I take prescription medicines and don't have a car. I'd rather be comfortable and a bit overprepared...
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