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Monday, August 07, 2006

I'm Alive

It's just that
  1. I've been very busy,
  2. Thunder!
  3. Lightning!
  4. Mama unplugged everything!

Yeah, well, that's nice.

You really are a pusher. You get us hooked and then keep supply tight.

Have you ever considered banking as a career?
Actually, my eyes are now wide open and the desert island is looking good. Or maybe deepwoods British Columbia. It's TSHTF, for real.
PS, there were tornadoes, man. Major tornadoes.

In this area of the country, the best shelter is the bathtub. You should try spending a few hours in a bathtub with two dogs for a couple of nights running. It's even more fun when the lights go out. All you hear is pant, pant, pant, BANG CRAAAAAAKKKK! PANT-PANT-PANT. Drool.

Fortunately, it is a ridiculously large bathtub, and the drain is convenient for drool run-off. I'm thinking of installing a battery-powered reading light.

And the truth is that I'm lucky, because I live in a regular house. An awful lot of people around here live in mobile homes. There was major trouble in this area over the weekend.
Good breeding precludes me from remarking on the many open barn doors...

Welcome back.
To heck with good breeding. Just let fly.
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