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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

One Set Of Cell Phone Charges Dropped

These are the younger ones, I think:
MARIETTA, Ohio -- Prosecutors dropped terrorism charges Tuesday against two Michigan men who were arrested after buying large numbers of cell phones, saying they couldn't prove a terrorism link.

The dismissal, in a one-page court document, came the day after Washington County Prosecutor James Schneider said he didn't have enough evidence to present the felony charges to a grand jury.
These guys lied to the cops first off. The cops said they gave different names from the names on their ID and told the cops that they were buying the phones for a construction business at first, but then the cops wanted a number to check the story, and.... So there are remaining misdeamnor charges of falsification. Do you blame the cops for arresting them?
Relatives of the men said they were just trying to make money by reselling the phones and were targeted because of their Arab backgrounds.
In Ohio, Houssaiky and Abulhassan were stopped by sheriff's deputies for a traffic violation Aug. 8, then arrested after the deputies found 12 cell phones, $11,000 cash, airplane passenger lists and information on airport security checkpoints in their car, authorities said.
Their lawyers say that the airline papers were left in the car by a relative of theirs. Any time you give wrong names and lie to police, you are going to come in for some intense scrutiny. Assume that they were paying $25 on average for each phone. That's four phones for $100, 40 per thousand, at least 400 phones. Darn. Maybe I should go into the phone business. I think I wouldn't want to be traveling with that much cash, though.

I bet the arresting officers and the sheriff are pretty mad to see them walk. How much do you want to bet that they are going to file some sort of lawsuit against the police in order to get them to drop the falsification charges?

I have a cousin who got shot by the cops. They got him good too. They didn't think he was going to live, but he did.

The thing is, I remember my cousin when he was a boy, and I grieve over his life now. My cousin didn't have a gun and he wasn't shooting at the cops, but he was with a group of people up to no good and one of them did. I don't blame the cops. In that circumstance they have to shoot back.

My cousin is a drunk who uses drugs, and when he's under the influence he can be a mean piece of work. He's stolen from his own family, and attacked members of his own family. So I don't blame the cops, even though I remember my cousin as a kid. There's a lot of good in him now, too - as long as he's not on anything. And the truth is, he likes the exciting life. He'll find trouble. In other circumstances, the cop who shot him might have quelled a disturbance and saved my cousin's life. I feel sorry for the cop that did shoot him. It probably was one of the worst moments in his life when he found out that he had shot an unarmed person.

And these cops - man - they wouldn't be doing their job if they hadn't arrested these two, given that they lied. But they'll still get the short end of the stick for it, if some lawyer can work it.

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