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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Nekkid Painted Ladies Sell Real Estate?

H/T The Housing Bubble Blog. You have to admire their marketing creativity, anyway:
After years of soaring prices, the unstoppable New York real estate market has either taken a breather or a truncheon to the skull, which will send it staggering soon enough.
The alliance of 255 Hudson and the car club, for instance, was celebrated at a cocktail party in the club's showroom/garage months ago, with a couple of women hired to mingle and grin wearing little more than pasties and body paint meant to evoke racing stripes. The words "Condo included. Girl Not Included" were painted on their backs.
See, that's what deep-sixes a lot of deals - those small print addendums and the bait and switch tactics. Prospective buyers feel manipulated and resentful.

When WaPo flaunts rhetoric like "truncheon to the skull", the realtors had better stop blaming the bloggers for the the housing market decline. Actually, the best RE bloggers have been long on data and short on rhetoric, not that it stops their hate mail. In contrast, this WaPo article seems short on data and very, very long on the rhetoric. I must admit that it's worth reading for the eye-opening reference to combination kitchen/bathrooms in the condo of the future:
... the combination kitchen-bathroom modules that sit in the center of the apartments on sale at Jade, a building in Chelsea.
Here in GA, we don't like to cook in our bathrooms, so I do not think this trend will spread south. On the other hand, many New Yorkers don't cook, so perhaps they see the kitchen as purely a sanitary facility. I do hope the module doesn't feature a combined toilet/sink. But in New York, you never know.

Guys, I'm sorry you missed the nekkid painted ladies at the open house. Better luck next time!

Hi Mama; Naked painted ladies? That happens here in NYC all the time. That's why Real Estate trades at over $1,000/SqFt!
On the streets? I'm not talking about Times Square....

It's been a while since I frequented NYC, but I don't remember any naked women.

If this is true, you really need to publicize it more. The word has gotten out that NYC is much safer than it used to be, but the word about the woman thing has not, and I can pretty well guarantee that an awful lot of GA boys would wander up there to check it out. Think tourism dollars, which can be very helpful in a recession.

Now me, I'm a woman, and I'm still stuck worrying about this combo kitchen/bathroom thing. If I ever found myself in a hotel room that offered such an amenity, out of pure decency I'd go looking for a chamberpot.
Are realtors actually blaming bloggers for the price declines? I hadn't heard that one!
Grim gets hate mail to that effect, yes. If you read his blog, you'd understand why. Some realtors (class traitors!) also contribute to it. They post real stats and real numbers.

NAR genuinely does seem to be trying to preserve a mystical and remote priesthood of real estate, and it's not feasible in a digital world. Grim isn't he only one who gets hate mail either.
Hi Mama; I'm talking DOWNTOWN, south of 14th street. The West Side Meat Market area. Sex in the City on Steroids. Send the GA boys up here. They'll come home with a smile.

I checked out the Real Estate with the Bathroom/kitchen combo. In reality, they're not in the same room. it's back to back, so the plumbing is cheaper. Check it out, it was pretty easy to find.

Found a couple of great trades after the close today. I'll shoot them over after I get some size on.

I'll look into sending the boys a computer since you think it will help. thanks for posting about it.
You seem a really good person.
It's a deal. I'll send GA boys to the big city (the strip bars on 75 are getting crowded, anyway), and you pass the word about the laptops for these guys, okay? It really is important.

It's difficult to explain why, but the first step is getting control over something. At a minimum, these allow them to send and receive emails, IM's, and surf the web. They can stay connected to their families and units.

There are other huge benefits depending on the type of injury; if you can't see, for instance, there's software that will allow you to read the web, study, etc. This project has been underway for some time, and now it's gotten to the point where some of these can go to the VA hospitals.

Btw, the way, the man who inspired the whole thing was second-generation military. Go here and here.

No, I wouldn't call myself a good person, but on the other hand I'm no longer a drooler. I have a different perspective on what's possible and what's not. A computer never gets tired and you don't feel guilty about wasting its time. When I was trying to learn to talk, I'd often get so angry hearing garbage come out of my mouth that I would refuse to try around people. But I'd have the computer read stuff like Shakespeare and Kipling (it's much easier when it has a rhythm, for some reason), and then I'd repeat after it. It took me several years to be able to say "phenomenon", much less be able to write it.

I used to practice various things with the computer for ten or twelve hours a day. It is truly THAT important.
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