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Monday, December 04, 2006

IED Hunter

This one's for you, bro. I'm linking to the one at Hot Air, because it's got good comments, but Op-For had it originally. It says something about our culture (SC&A) that most of the best humor comes from the military. This, of course, is why the splodey-dope wanna-be-world-tyrants keep underestimating us....

See also Op-For's post about women in combat:
Arraying troops on the battlefield based on “diversity” rather than tactical necessity makes no sense. “Captain, get more Hispanics and some 25-48 year old male Aleutian Islanders and reinforce the right flank!

Here’s my suggestion: take all the soldiers who are stateside writing reports about diversity and “strategically redeploy” them downrange.
There's more, and it's funny. Also see this post on media reporting in Iraq and the press getting all huffy about criticisms of their coverage. The reality is that some of the bloggers are wearing camo instead of pajamas, and as John of Op-For asks:
Doctored photos, suspect stringers, slanted reporting, all of this helps the enemy. If military bloggers don't have a dog in this fight, then who the hell does?
That nagging question is why the military=stupid meme is so important in NYC and DC, and why outfits like the NY Times covered Kerry's ass with such vim and vigor. They really agree with Kerry's statement, but they think those peasants in Kansas and Georgia are too dumb....
... to come in out of the rain;
... to tell their kids not to enlist in the Armed Forces when there's a war on;
... to realize how intelligent and enlightened the staff of the NY Times really is;
... to realize that there's nothing worth dying over;
... to realize that Kerry's right!
... to realize that Bush really did the WTC thing, because if he weren't responsible, then we'd have been attacked in an undeclared war at the same site on our own soil two separate times within a decade, and then we'd all have to believe that there was a war, and that withdrawing from the Middle East and voting those pesky Israelis off the raft wouldn't end the war, because the front can be over here just as easily as in the Gulf, right? Which conclusion is totally unacceptable, and it follows that only the staff of the NY Times is brilliant enough to come up with a different worldview proving that there is no war, meaning that no one has to worry about dying for anything - that is, as long as we get Bush out of office and embryonic stem cells in every doctor's office, after which we will all live forever, eternally young, beautiful and vigorous, safe in our Fortress America (that is, as long as we are very, very respectful of the rights of imams everywhere).
Peace, it's a beautiful, utopian thing that just cannot be sustained without biochemical enhancements. Sniff another line of coke or pop another Paxil; the end to all our suffering is just one election away.

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