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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Low-down Crook And Conman Casey Serin

While Casey begs for travel money and a room so he can stay in Australia, his wife is being threatened with a lawsuit and garnishment of her wages by Cashcall. Exurbannation has that story. Somehow I don't think Casey is coming back very soon, so he is not taking it very seriously. I suppose if he's not in the country, he can't be served and this is the reason for the walkabout.

I wonder if his corporate credit card has been suspended yet? His credit line was cruelly quashed and one of those FamilyHaterz withdrew as his his guarantor. Haterz!!! Everywhere he looks, haterz!!!

The little dweeb bought that penny gold stock with his corporate credit. Now he can't figure out why all his sweet deals are going sour.

Looks like Galina may be finally about to bail as well. It's like watching a train wreck. And it's more about the lack of character that Casey has, than about the failed investments.
Yes, way more. Heck, you wouldn't have sat around bringing no income and running up debts for a year after you realized that you were doomed to lose the houses. Virtually no one would have.

And your average person wouldn't have committed this level of fraud, either. People forget the extreme nature of what he did. It's not just lying on apps. The real reason he is in the hole to this extent is the cashbacks. That's what kept him from doing short sales on these way back when.

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