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Friday, March 07, 2008

It's Lunchtime Again

Level 19 is tough. I seem to be a bit obsessed here....

not bragging but it took me about 5 mins to get to 16 and like you it was hard, took like 30-40 seconds
You're definitely better than me at it. I wouldn't even think of tracking the time! When lunch ended I think I was on 25.
You've got to admit that it's a nice break from day 200 whatever of the Demise Of Loony Lending, one of the worst soap operas ever invented.
Got to 19 and my pc exploded.
I went to bed stuck on 16 last night, then solved it in seconds this morning. Now I'm at 21, and my brain is frying.
shtove - exploding PCs definitely raised the difficulty level. There are only 30 levels.

jm - fried brains are no excuse. If the various housing rescue plans haven't fried all our brains yet, no puzzle can do it. I think the mind just gets exhausted after a while.
Banging away a few at a time through the day between other activities, finally got all 30. Oddly, the last five seemed much easier than some of the earlier ones.
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