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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

ADP Employment

Better in March. A slight increase of 8,000 jobs, but:
Unlike the weakness of employment reported in February, which was widespread across businesses of all sizes and apparent in all major sectors of the economy, the weakness of employment in March was concentrated among larger businesses in the goods-producing sector.
According to ADP, large businesses saw declining employment of 52,000, and small businesses (fewer than 50 employees) added 55,000.

All the economic reports really show recession. It's a question of amplitude, not whether.

I started looking for a job in late January, put together a resume and posted it on monster & a couple of other sites the early days of Feb. I thought I would have a job by June. Instead, I started work on 3/3. Yes, that's worth as much as any anecdotal evidence (meaning, not much) but still, can't prove the recession by me.

Oilfield equipment manufacturing is still going gangbusters. I'm hiring minimum of 3 people and possibly 4 in the next two to three weeks to fill internal growth.

What's interesting is the number of 'job flippers' I see. Young men and women 4 years out of college with 4 jobs on their resume during that period. Those resumes go in the trash.

And wage inflation is very, very real. I could hire a college engineering graduate for $42-45k three years ago. It's now $52-60k. This is causing no small problems for staffing purposes.

Both stories align with my read, which is that in many areas of the country, truly good employees with skills and experience are short in many areas.

The demographics suggest that employment should continue to be somewhat tight as older boomers retire. And many of them take early retirement.

Unskilled labor markets often have a surplus of labor, though.

MC, I have a hunch that IT and engineering will be good employment fields for a while.
Seems to me it's only niche employment that's staying afloat.

Cos. started outsourcing engineers, design, and legal services to China & India a few years ago.

Some how some way this has to be stopped by U.S. workers.

Forgot to add:

Insourcing as well.
Far too many Indians & Chinese, etc. are coming in here and getting IT, engineering, etc. visas either Gates Microsoft style or starting companies and employing bringing over fellow country men for employment here vs. U.S. citizens.

This massive immigration at too fast a rate = not just becoming, but have allowed in too many not here long enough to respect what the U.S. is all about and is becoming country of tribes with each hiring etc. members member of the tribe, etc. Reality. And, the jackasses in govt. have color/quota
from around the world over longtime

Do you all know the univs. & fed. to city govt. have sidestepped once again all reqs.& regs. regarding that companies are to follow?

Our grads are not being hired.
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