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Saturday, June 07, 2008

I'm Watching The Hillary Renunciation Speech

Why? Why? Why am I doing this to myself? I'm watching CNN on an internet feed.

Drool, jabber, jabber. Now we get pictures of the Holy Family filing into the building. The announcer gushes "They are inside!!!"

Jabber over how many foreign journalists. Because this is truly such an awesome occasion of global significance, or because of the AC? A two minute warning!!!

We were told earlier that she wouldn't talk that much about herself. Heh, heh, I'll believe that when I see it. The cellphone salute from the audience. Coming so near the D-Day anniversary probably makes this feel stupider to me.

Now talking about Obama in highly complimentary terms. But what is this with a "suspended campaign"?

OMG! We see her head!!! She is wearing black, most suitable for the occasion.

This is funny. The subtitle is that Clinton is expected to "suspend her campaign", but in larger letters it says that this is the Clinton Exit Speech. Cheering, cheering, hollering. Thank you, thank you.

Now she appears to be executing a long-winded version of Sally Fields' "You like me - you really, really like me." The thirteen year-old who used her Disney savings to travel to PA to see Hillary. Sniff. Damn you Barack!!! Damn you! Look at the pain you've caused! The heartbreaking story of the old lady whose ballot wasn't counted, because she died before the election.

The "we fought for" list. Marine. Until all the wrongs are fixed, Hillary will remain on the frontlines of democracy fighting for us.

And now - the way to continue the fight now - is to take all our energy and passion and throw it into the Obama campaign. She used the words "as I suspend my campaign... I endorse him and throw my full support .." "Work as hard for Barack Obama as you did for me".

"The Democratic party is a family - we're all headed to the same destination."

The we want list. She dwells on universal health care. She won't quit - it is a passion for her.

A nod to Bill. Out of the 3 times a Democrat has won the White House in forty years, two of them were Bill. Nice transition to a long reiteration of stronger America = Barack Obama election. She manages to pull out a big cheer for Barack Obama proving that a black man can be president.

Now a long segue on to the "first woman to" stuff. Equal opportunity. No type of discrimination acceptable in this day and age. Huge cheer. Hmm. If we can blast 50 women into space, we can launch one into the White House. The glass ceiling has been cracked. Really moving the crowd.

"Because of you, children today will grow up taking it for granted that a black or a woman can be president." A big stroking to her supporters. If you hear someone say "if only" - don't waste time looking back. Another hmmm. Says she'll work her heart out to ensure that Obama is the next president, and she is asking all of her supporters to do the same.

All told, an extremely centrist speech, very crafted to appeal to the mainstream. She's not giving up yet - maybe for this year, unless opportunity presents, but definitely she wants to be in it next time.

Final Summary: She suspended her campaign. She did not formally concede. She said she would work for Obama's campaign because there absolutely, positively has to be a Dem in the white house, thus leaving the door wide open for a convention fight if circumstances warrant it. She did say a few nice words about Obama, but most of the speech was about her supporters, the cause(s), and her determination to keep fighting for her goals.

Mama, you had me rolling on this one. I can just see Hillary and Obama being a "family" and "heading in the same direction." Oh my! It will be interesting to watch this unfold.
Yessss, my prettysssss.

I can't believe she "suspended" her campaign rather than conceding.

She has not conceded. She says we've got to have a Dem president, because otherwise the Dark Lord of Mordor will prevail again, but SHE HAS NOT FORMALLY CONCEDED.

My impression this was definitely leaving the door open for a return if say some really bad video surfaced of Michelle Obama, or any other useful dirt.

In the hmms she seemed to be insinuating a bit of a reproach to the Wright wing of the Obama campaign.
Yessss, my prettysssss.

That's it! sHillary will send flying monkeys to defeat Obama!

Gawd, that woman is vile.
Bob - among the Lace Mafia quotes of her campaign "There are no illegal women!" Illegal men, yeah.

She plays by no rules but her own, and those change as she finds advantageous.
Frankly I worked in the garden while she spoke. In any case, the suspended campaign allows her delegates to go to the party er convention. Notice how all the delegates involved in the Mich and Fla muck up were happy that they got 1/2 vote and a seat at the party er convention. The same thing could have happened with 1/2 going with a full vote.

Also the suspended campaign allows her to collect contributions to pay off a 30 million debt.

Yea there is a lot of Hilary and Clinton petting and all, but a political dynasty is passing and that is a small price to let it pass. Best to let them fade as the Kennedys faded. Lots of back slapping and all but better than a civil war.

The big news is behind the scene news, starting in 2004 when Dean took over, the progressive and left wings have taken the party apparatus from the Clinton Corporatists/Lobbyists and given it to the small donor and activists.

In 2006, Clinton support was not needed to win as is true in 2008. Now she has to behave if she is to have a future. Her day is past.

But in summary, the real battle was fought 4 years ago and won in the last year or two. Clinton should have won anyway but a Obama was a coming anyway because of the changes in the political scene. Just that it happened now is a flip of the coin or turn of the card.

So yea it is history and about as much excitement as watching old military gear pass in a Memorial Day Parade. Cheer, remember the day, honor the folks, but the day has past. New gear and new folks are the happening.

So I am excited at tomatoes turning red and yellow. Squash growing and egg plant blossoms. The smell of the spices. But not the Clintons.
Thanks, Vader. I was just trying to figure out if there was a legal difference between suspension and concession on the campaign contributions.

My time would have been better spent doing something else! Good luck with the garden. I love squash.
Don't forget how likely Obama's assassination is.I have asked several thoughtful people their opinion,ad the response was a consistent 50%,I'll have to check out the odds at ladbroke's.The anniversary of RFK's assassination was just a few days ago,and for those who appreciate conspiracies he was killed by a shot that entered behind the right ear by a man standing in front of him who managed to fire 13 shots from an 8 shot revolver without reloading.
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