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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ike Grinds Along

Update: According to the SciGuy, Port Arthur probably made it through. Peak is supposed to be below levee tops. If you are out of the area waiting for news, this is a good link. Dr. M. reports three trees down at her house, pool overflowing, no power, but she is dry! There are going to be major water problems, I fear. End update.

Well, the center of Ike is well inland now, and even past the Woodlands area where Viola and our intrepid on-the-scene reporter Dr. M are. Her buddy is still twittering away, Dr. M decided to take a nap. See Accuweather pic. At 4:00 AM she still had power. Her blog has turned quite interesting, as both locals and outsiders with family or friends in the area check in on the comments.

Ike is so huge that there will be significant damage occurring throughout the day from flooding, winds and spun-off tornadoes. There was substantial flooding even around New Orleans in the lower-lying areas. We won't know what happened to most of Galveston/Houston until later on today. NOLA headlines. Chron.com for the Houston area. The crew of the freighter were finally rescued.

If you have family in the area, the Chron.com feature that reports and maps storm damage might be useful. Power is out through much of the Houston area. If you are the nervous type, you might not want to go there due to entries like "Roof gone, trees down, devastation." So you have been warned.

MoM, at 4:30am all electricity went out here. The wind is very strong here. You should see our front and back yard. We have our iPod to stay informed. It is scary around here!
Looking at the Chron.com map I was afraid of this. You have a long day ahead. The whole backside is passing over you.

The power companies have been doing great at nibbling away at the power outages. It probably depends on the roads how quickly they get to you. Take care of yourselves.

Such a huge storm!
MoM, back with the iPod: we just walked around our neighborhood to see what the damages are. It is still raining pretty hard and the wind gusts come and go. There are trees down and one landed on a car. One house here on my street had a tree crashed through their roof. We have some pretty major yard and garden damage. All in all, it is not as bad as I thought it would be - but we still have a while to go yet.
Thanks for the update, Viola. I'm glad you guys are still doing relatively well.
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