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Monday, January 11, 2010

Bear 1: SuperDoc 1: M_O_M 0

I admit that I wondered if SuperDoc wasn't overreacting this morning.

But apparently not, because when I got back to the hospital this evening the Chief's symptoms (which had pretty much cleared by the time I left him in the ER) were back, but had spread. The numbness and tingling in his face had come back, and now he was experiencing numbness in his left arm and leg. The charge nurse (he had just been admitted to the stroke unit) had picked up a left/right differential when she did her admitting exam. Upon inquiry, the Chief confessed to the numbness.

This was news to any doctor, because the Chief is rather the quiet type and had not seen fit to mention this to any one in the ER, where he was waiting for a bed.
So the Chief is probably not coming home tomorrow.

I would rather be in a hospital with so-so doctors and facilities but good nurses than the reverse. This particular hospital has great nurses, very good facilities and very good doctors, so at least the Chief is in the right place. He is now chained to the bed with a monitor because he is not supposed to get out of bed without supervision. I did get him fed around 10 PM. That appeared to buck him up a bit. Part of the delay was that the charge nurse was going through this long process of making sure that he could properly swallow.

They insist on doing the whole cardiac bit again, and he is going to have a brain MRI tomorrow.

The poor dog is convinced that she has utterly failed in life; she did not manage to save her Rescue Dog and now her man is apparently in great trouble. She was sort of crawling and cringing when I came home this time. I sat down with her and praised her. It's not like I'm doing well either.

I have the ugly feeling SuperDoc's computers will blow up tomorrow. I just do not seem to be winning at anything.

Will be praying for a win for the Chief. Hope they can get things sorted out and get the Chief on the road to recovery soonest.
Hang in there M_O_M. You got him under care about as fast as humanly possible. Hope you get things figured out tomorrow--those MRIs are pretty informative.
Crap.Not a good day for you or superDoc,let alone the Chief.I have had an exhausting few days but will light a candle and say a prayer for you and the Chief.God Bless,Tom
My thoughts are with you.

My word verification this time...


Good grief. When it rains, it pours. :(
Thinking of you this morning.
Thinking about you.
My prayers are with you. All your loved ones are blessed to have you in their life.

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