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Friday, March 04, 2005


At Sigmund, Carl and Alfred there is an excellent post about the Iraqi war and the questions posed by it. Believe it or not, the good doctors appear to have a side I just had not suspected:
All effective democracies have on thing in common- they were built upon the blood of patriots. We see no mass movement of those Iraqis that view democracy as worth fighting for- at least, not yet. Time will tell. Now, in point of fact, we are the closest thing to patriots the Iraqis have. Like the French and the Poles that came to build this free nation, we are in Iraq. Neither the French nor the Poles had colonial aspirations and nor do we. Did the French and Polish governments have an agenda in supporting us in the fight against the British- of course they did. Do we have an agenda in Iraq? Of course we do. Yes, we have selfish reasons for being there (and that is the role of government- to put the nations best interests first) but in the end, our reasons are two fold. We wish to help establish free societies. That is our track record- Germany, Japan and now the former Eastern Bloc countries attest to that.
Nothing is such a terrible inhibitor of insipid thinking as a knowledge of history. Read the post - the dialogue is going to be great.

I have never seen this guys site before, but he is right on the money(I will have to check it out).

"We see no mass movement of those Iraqis that view democracy as worth fighting for"

But this sentence has been one of the more troubling thing. Even now after the elections. It is time for them to step up.

First, the vote under threat of attack was definitely a mass movement. Second, every time positions open up in the ING (Iraqi National Guard) and the police now, they are getting tons of applicants.

Their own army was disbanded, because the officers were pretty much Sunnis.

The population of Iraq has been brutalized for years, and I don't think they believed they were going to get to rule their country until the vote. There was a big demonstration today in Iraq protesting the car bombing that killed over a hundred Iraqis.
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