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Friday, January 27, 2006

Dauntless Dreams Of Destiny

Betsy Newmark didn't pull her punches when posting about Kerry's strategic initiative of pushing for a filibuster of the Alito nomination from Switzerland:

It seems that Kerry is traveling down the same path that Al Gore has been traveling. Maybe the realization that you have lost to George W. Bush just sends these guys into a tailspin where they end up clutched in theembrace of the Moveon.org and Kos crowd and they lose all touch with political reality. Thus, you don't notice that it's rather iffy to conduct a Senate talkathon from Davos, Switzerland. Apparently, Kerry's aides have now pointed this out to him and he's jetting back to Washington to personally rally his flagging troops who have already thrown in the towel and admitted that they didn't have the 41 votes to conduct a filibuster. Poor John Kerry, who voted for Alito (for the appellate court) before he voted against him, will now lead the charge for troops that have already surrendered.

Betsy rarely gets this acerbic.

Lucianne.com decided a picture is worth a thousand words:

LOLOL@ that Kerry pic!

I was going to say something more substantive, but really, that pic says it all!
Kerry is getting major street cred on DU. His tactic is working, and I'm sure he's planning another run.
Dauntless is the word of the day, yeah!!!!
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