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Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Slacker Repents

I have been very remiss on my linking, but I'm catching up:

Shrinkwrapped: If you've never had a Shrinkwrapped encounter with reality, start here.

The Transcending Sovereignty: The perfect antidote to Joel Stein, and if Joel ever stumbles onto this blog he'll probably never venture out into the open again. I wish Bilgeman would blog too.

Mark In Mexico: With blogging like this, what's not to link?

Assistant Village Idiot: Indescribable, uncategorizable and nearly indispensable. Try starting with the analysis of the Intelligent People Voted For Kerry Meme.

YARGB: A group blog of people who think. They really, really do think. This blog would, of course, be illegal in China. Thanks, Google.

More to follow when I unearth the files.

Well, thank you M_O_M for the kind words and links.
Much appreciated.
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