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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Spring Hath Sprung In South Georgia

Yes, spring is already here.

My Christmas cactus is blooming aggressively; the turtles are fornicating in slow motion on the bank of the pond, the Canadian geese are staring at the turtles with appalled disapproval, the dogs are staring in confusion at the geese staring at the turtles, the bluebirds and swallows are building nests at flight speed and the blueberry bushes are budding.

If it's any consolation to you who live in northern climes, the temperatures will rise into the 90's in May and continue that way through at least September, and the mosquitos are also proliferating. Our motto here is "January Showers Bring February Insect Bites".

And furthermore, nyah, nyah, nyah.

With all the global warming going on, our winter has been exceptionally mild (mother nature doing her part to minimize our dependence on Mideast oil.) It was near 60 degrees yesterday in New York and in the high 40's today with predictions of mid 50's tomorrow. If it wasn't for the taxes, mismanaged governance, and the over abundance of liberals, I might recommend you move up North where the weather is a bit more moderate, if not the politics.
Given the last several winters, I think you northerners deserved a milder one.

I like snow.... The taxes and so forth are less inviting. You didn't mention the traffic! The traffic!!!!

I have lived up north, and I remember this thing that would happen in January. It would get warm just to taunt you and get your hopes up. Then it would turn around and get quite cold again and snow heavily, especially in March.

I suspect "moderate" is measured by the body temperature of the one who experiences it. Your highs right now are pretty much our lows!
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