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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Human Bird Flu Cases In India

It looks like at least two human bird flu cases have been officially confirmed by the government of India. I think these were the two family members of the man that died (who officially died from bacterial pneumonia), but I'm not sure. The test results for these two family members were supposed to come back today. They had been quarantined in a hospital ward, had left, and supposedly had been brought back to the hospital.

If so, it's significant, because that man was said to have been exposed to poultry in another area. The family aren't involved with poultry. This would indicate human to human transmission with the same delay pattern between the index case and subsequent family cases observed in Indonesia.

In 2002, tests done on three Indian poultry workers showed that they had been exposed to H5N1.

'not involved with poultry.'

Today's word is 'crap.'
I'll say. They report 40,000 to 50,000 birds dying suddenly.

You know what's funny, but sick? Now some people in India are claiming that it was biowarfare, because it just "suddenly popped up" in a remote area.
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