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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Pork Barrels Galore

I have read stuff about the NSA flap until my eyes have about fallen out of my head, and I've concluded it's a waste of time. I have no chance of sorting out the political posturing from any genuine concerns. I kind of like the idea about broader reporting to Congress (as long as the information is strictly controlled and not disseminated to the general public), but the Democrats appear to be saying that they support the program while being angry that the President "broke the law". Sorry, that's not going to fly.

Here's hoping that Congress grows up a bit and gets serious soon. I'd be happy if they were monitoring such programs as long as they go to jail if they misuse the information. Quite of few of the more obnoxious ones would then be in prison, which would benefit the country greatly.

Anyway, here's a more worthy endeavor. QandO has an excellent post up about the anti-earmarks anti-pork proposal. NZ Bear has a new page up so you can track whether your bunch of Congressional Swine have promised their support. I need to contact my particular public servants. More info about the Act here.

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