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Thursday, February 09, 2006

A Stake Through The Heart Of The Food Nazis?

Dr. Sanity quotes Woody Allen. Ann Althouse points out that many experts will ignore the study and "reflexively insist" that we need to cut fat from our diets. She also notes that some of her commenters do the same.

Are food obsessions the magic amulets of our culture? Because if you are going to ignore this type of study, how can you claim a rational basis for your behavior (or preaching)?

My doc and I are celebrating. Next time i'm in NY, I'm going to Carnegie Deli, where, as Zagat says, the 'Sandwiches are as large as a human head.'

Finally, a higher education health study that pays off.
I'm afraid we've reached a point where facts are no longer relevant and on many occasions are now secondary to some sort of emotional truth.

I'm going to Buenos Aires, home of the world's greatest steaks (that is no lie, in the U.S. at best we have a soggy cardboard comparison) and I may very well have the 800 gram T-bone.

For my health you understand.
Well, I guess there's no proof that it will shorten your life! I think exercise counts most. So run around the block a few times....
SC&A, it was a longitudinal study.

Mind you, it was only done on women.... You get the salad, and the woman gets the sandwich!
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