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Monday, February 13, 2006

Vox Day Hits It Home

Vox Day's column about the legal basis for Muslim claims in Europe is a must-read:
As anyone who has met more than two or three journalists can testify, the grand illusion of journalism is the belief that having heard about something is equivalent to knowing it well.
Only Patrick Buchanan has seen fit to notice that Europe is not America, that American constitutional rights do not apply in European countries and that all discussions which assume they do render themselves irrelevant on that score.

"Of course they should have been published," is the opinion of those who are complacently innocent of European law. "The Sacred Freedom of the Press demands it!" argue those who are clearly unaware of the jailing of revisionist historian David Irving, of the fact that in Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania and Slovakia it is against the law to question the historical accuracy of the claim that 6 million Jews were killed by Germany's National Socialists, and of the Bundesrepublik's announcement last week that World Cup fans – especially the English– who by word or by gesture should remind Germans of their most recent defeat at their national sport would be arrested and face a punishment of up to three years in jail.
The American constitutional guarantee of free speech is unique. Vox Day is correct in observing that Muslims protesting the Danish cartoons do have a reasonable legal claim under the law in many of those countries. This should be a warning to us all of why we do not want Supreme Court judges looking at international law to interpret our Constitution. It's a good column; read it. Canada doesn't have free speech either. As I wrote yesterday, when societies have certain groups that may not criticized, other groups mount a struggle to get into the list of protected groups. This is the goal for which European Muslims are now agitating.

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