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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Keeping The Lightbulbs On

Blogger is being snibbly again. Hopefully this will post.

Read Photon Courier on why cheap power matters, even if you really believe that the US can survive as a post-industrial economy. Which, btw, I don't.

Read Shrinkwrapped about the NJ SC's same-sex marriage edict to the NJ legislature. Don't forget the comments!

Read SC&A on the Australian Mufti Of Animalism. What the mufti's brand of Islam really stands for is the doctrine that men are ravening beasts who cannot be controlled, and that women are instruments of torture to men, unless they're on their backs, in the dark, with their legs spread. What a motivational view of life!

Also read Fausta on the topic:
What will it take for political correctness to finally, finally, be shown for the farce it is, and will the moral people of the world come out and speak out?

Because, without a doubt, the immorality of believing that women do not have a right to their own genitalia, a right to have that that they are born with, by God's grace; the immorality of thinking that a father has the duty to inflict such harm on his own daughter; the immorality of believing that women are "uncovered meat"; and the immorality of sermonizing that not wearing a veil, "swaying when they walk", and wearing make-up deserves rape, is, or at least ought to be, clear beyond any question.
Btw, the mufti's brand of Islam is hardly the traditional one. It is as if a Phelpsian distortion of Christianity had suddenly gained sway over a large population. The lethality of this cult ought to be, as SC&A and Fausta point out, beyond question.

Since male/female relationships are so deeply pervasive in society, I think the sick relationship between men and women in this sect of Islam is at the core of its immorality.

Read Dr. Sanity's post on the nature of the beast devouring the Palestinian people. This is terribly important:
...once the paranoid beast is unleashed, "love, dialogue, and mutual understanding" withers away. The beast will find "uncovered meat"--and souls--to devour and it cannot be contained by "formulas" that ignore the reality of its origin. Hamas will kill Fatah; Fatah will kill Hamas; Palestinians will kill Palestinians--because that is the nature of the beast.

Love and understanding can only thrive when the beast within is acknowledged as one's own; and then chained and civilized. If you let it loose, free to spread its rabid hatred--i.e., your own rabid hatred--just so you can see yourself in that carnival mirror as the heroic victim of another's aggression, then it will always be there to turn on you; to devour and rip you to pieces when it cannot get fresh meat any other way.
What is missing in the mufti's mind is the concept that human beings, especially when they turn to the Infinite for help, can and must control the worst impulses of human nature. And, as Dr. Sanity explains, without that essential determination human beings are ravening beasts.

The Anchoress pointed me to this rather hilarious column by a conservative willing to vote Democrat as soon as one question is answered:
See, I’m a one-issue voter, and my one issue is defeating the Islamist threat facing Western civilization. Given that it involves the survival of our culture and the principles of our Constitution, I think it’s kind of a big deal.
And the Democrats’ non-stop bashing of Bush foreign policy shows they’re with me. This is priority number one and Bush just isn’t getting the job done. Mission accomplished? Please. We’d settle for “Mission Not Royally Screwed Up.”
But I think I must have missed a meeting or accidentally deleted an e-mail from Moveon.org, because I still haven’t seen the Democratic plan to fix Iraq and kick terrorist butt. Could someone please point me to the page of Time magazine’s recent “Barack For President” issue with the Democrats’ “How we defeat the woman-beating, homosexual-executing, book-burning, anti-Semitic, knuckle-dragging Islamists who want to kill us” bullet points? Thanks.
Wazzat? You can’t? Comrade, what do you mean there isn’t a Democratic strategy for terrorism? There’s gotta be. I mean - seriously - what kind of political party has no war plan at a time when we’re actively at war? When 135,000 troops are in the field, and where six weeks ago we foiled a plot to blow 10 American aircraft out of the sky?
The Anchoress is also trying to figure out how and where the Dixie Chicks are being silenced:
The Dixie Chicks were never my cuppa. They are now chattering on about being silenced. Funny how that happens, isn’t it? Tim Robbins got to write and perform in a play about how he was being silenced by the “chill wind” of the Bushies, and now the Chicks are chattering all over the place. That’s some funny sort of silencing.
Ah, Anchoress, I know the answer to that one. In the Cheeping Chickie leftist world, "being silenced" means not being greeted with roars of approval when you speak. It has nothing to do with the having the right and the opportunity to say what you think; it has to do with the fact that people have the unbelievable temerity to disagree with you!

Ann Althouse has proof of the leftist theory of "freedom of speech" in this story of leftist freedom of speech being terribly threatened by a silent show of dissent against a leftist. Don't miss this. Despite the screams of theocracy, the real threat to our constitution is concentrated on the left.

Also, the Anchoress wanted you to read Isis on Islam, and so do I:
It is laughable to me that the Rightosphere longs for a Moderate Muslim presence. Then silences the voice.

It would really help the GWOT and national security, even on this small level, to acknowledge the contributions of Humanist Muslims like Ali Eteraz, Free Muslims Coalition against Terror, and the other voices normally dimmed by the din of passionate discussion. You will find Muslims promoting liberty and freedoms – the more you magnify their message, the safer we all will be. The recently issued TV ad by the Free Muslims Coalition is a great item to discuss.

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