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Monday, June 27, 2005

The Cotillion Assembles

It is probably rare that the words "it is an honor and a pleasure" are spoken or written with complete sincerity. But this is an exception to the rule, because it is a very real honor and a pleasure for me to act as hostess to some of the devastatingly charming ladies of the Cotillion this week.
Without further ado, I will let
these ladies whisper words of wisdom in your ears.

A Mom And Her Blog writes about her shock upon discovering what Michael Schiavo considers to be promise keeping. It is difficult to understand a person who feels the need to score a point with someone else's epitaph. I suppose it really was all about Michael in the end.

Absinthe & Cookies offers a lucky escort the chance to know her a little better ... with pictures and anecdotes. Remember to introduce yourself in a courteous and respectful fashion and check your phasers at the door.

An American Housewife unloads........the dishwasher while giving you her opinion at the same time. And she has finally taken off the high heels and those fancy gloves. Her arse must have been getting soggy sitting up there in that martini glass. Don't miss this thrilling, muckraking journalistic endeavor!

Raven at And Rightly So finds the political maneuvering of Senate Committees irksome. She doesn't consider turkey shoots in which Rumsfeld is tied on the log while the senators take potshots at him at all amusing. Instead she believes Byrd or Kennedy is more naturally suited to playing the role of the turkey, with which opinion I must agree.

Click over to Annika's Journal and share her consternation and the conversation she holds discreetly behind her fan as she reacts to Kouric's interview with the Bug-Eyed Bride, Jennifer Wilbanks. Do deposit your drinks on a table before reading; The Cotillion disclaims all liability for your failure to follow this simple instruction.

Jane at Armies of Liberation is attracting attention - and a lady knows how to appreciate attention, especially when that lady is Jane and she is getting attention from an entire country: "I thought after they realized they couldn’t bribe me, there might be a new strategy. But no, just another article trashing Jane in Yemen."

Atlas Shrugs in surprise at the fact
that even the lions in Ethiopia know how to behave in a more gentlemanly fashion than the men who abducted and beat a 12 year-old girl in an attempt to force her to marry one of them. In this case the lions not only lay down with the lamb, but guarded her.

Baldilocks attempts to explain the difference between Rove's remarks and Durbin's to the clueless and confused. Almost everyone should be able to understand the two basic differences she explicates, which is, I suppose, why she so provokes those who don't wish to recognize the distinction. I can only offer them the means to dry their tears of outrage. The fainting couch is in the powder room, if some weak souls require it.

Bobo Blogger comments on the Supreme Court's Kelo V New London ruling, noting that it "used to be that the Constitution meant something to the law". Indeed, I am old enough to remember the time when it was the law! But conservative women do not faint upon their couches when offended; she has formulated a plan to deal with any consequences of the ruling that may occur in her neighborhood. And by the way, the women in my neck of the woods have come up with the same idea as well.

You may not be able to eat your cake and have it too, but you
will enjoy savoring the bites Cake Eater Chronicles takes out of Tom Cruise's attempt to bypass medical school by jumping straight to practicing and prescribing in the field of psychiatry. Dare I make a comment about reality-based thinking?

Common Sense Runs Wild, observes "All of us know that the current "controversy" over Karl Rove's statements is falsely generated righteous indignation manufactured by the MSM and the Democrat Party leadership. If they had condemned Dick Durbin as strongly for his recent comments their current act might be a little more convincing." I don't think you will want to miss the transcript of the RNC advertisement.

Crossposted at The Cotillion, and don't miss the festivities at my fellow hostesses' salons, Not a Desperate Housewife, Knowledge Is Power: SondraK.com, and Rightwingsparkle.

wonderful! thanks for taking time out to do this! :) I love your icons too, very cute.
You are freakin' AWESOME!

(Of course, I knew that already.) ;-)

*clap* *clap* *clap*
I enjoyed it very much! It really was an honor and a pleasure.
Thanks very much and ping. Jane
The true honor and pleasure is for the blogosphere. So glad you are a member
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