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Saturday, July 09, 2005

The Real War

The real war of the Islamicists is against moderate Muslims. As Lancelot Finn points out, for the West there can be no compromise with the authors of this wave of terrorism:
The massacres Britain committed in Iraq and Afghanistan. Note the hypocrisy of the statement. Al-Qaeda is committing massacres in Iraq, blowing up innocent civilians with car bombs and IEDs, every day. They kill the brave Iraqi policemen and security forces who try to avenge the massacres that they are committing. We will continue to do what al-Qaeda hypocritically claims to do: fight against those who commit massacres in Iraq.

Is al-Qaeda's end merely vengeance? Presumably they also want Britain to leave Iraq, but for what? So that they can lay down their arms and allow the elected Iraqi government do its work? Or so that they can overthrow the elected Iraqi government and... do what? Restore Saddam? Restore a hybrid regime of collaborating Baathists and jihadists?
They already told us. They want to rule the Islamic world. They want Sharia. They want no representative governments. They want to forbid the modern markets (because they rely upon "usury"). The Taliban regime in Afghanistan is their ideal. Their war is most explicitly and directly upon every Muslim who does not follow their particular and extremely bloody doctrine:
As stated by the people of knowledge, it is not a secret that to use man made law instead of the Shari'a and to support the infidels against the Muslims is one of the ten "voiders" that would strip a person from his Islamic status (turn a Muslim into a Mushrik, non believer status). The All Mighty said: {and whoever did not judge by what Allah revealed, those are the unbelievers} (Al-Ma'ida; 5:44), and {but no! by your Lord! they do not believe (in reality) until they make you a judge of that which has become a matter of disagreement among them, and then do not find the slightest misgiving in their hearts as to what you have decided and submit with entire submission} (An-Nissa; 4:65).
You see? That's from the original declaration, but it is the same guiding principle which allows them to attack the Muslims of Iraq. They deserve to die because they voted, to be blunt about it. This sect of assassination believes that democratic governments are themselves a violation of Sharia.

The Wahabists were doomed to failure before they ever began, and the only question is how many they can take down with them. Our western ideals are freedom of worship, the human dignity embodied in choice, and a representative form of government. There can be no compromise between their ideology and ours, and if the west decided never to fight them, we would be making it our policy to stand by and never intervene in situations such as Darfur, or Saddam's attacks against the Kurds. These people are fanatic murderers. What more can be said?

Appeasement of Hitler only made the eventual and inevitable confrontation far more costly, while leaving us with the eternal stain of guilt for not preventing the massacres of the political and social opponents of the Nazis, the Gypsies, the disabled, the Jews and the Poles.... Because we did not act decisively and quickly, millions died. We can't undo that. Because we did not act decisively and quickly, when we finally began to fight we faced a much stronger enemy. We can't undo that.

We can avoid repeating that particular error, which was rooted either in the failure to read what the Nazis had written or to believe it. No one who reads OBL or his confederates can fail to understand that these people will not be satisfied until homosexuals are dead, Jews are dead, publicly espousing another religion is a death offense, a Taliban-like form of state-enforced Islam rules, the women are in burkas, the men are wearing beards, the texts of other religions are burnt, the banks are burnt down, the principles of all the UN's declarations on human rights have been forgotten, and people revere murdering ignorants as their rightful rulers.

It really is that simple. Osama bin Laden views our system of government as an attempt to establish human law instead of God's because our nation is based on the Constitution. Osama bin Laden will see the people of Iraq as apostates from Islam if they succeed in establishing their own constitution and it espouses religious liberty. There can be no compromise because their entire ideology, like Hitler's, admits of no compromise.

I read this post earlier, and didn;t comment because I really didn't have a comment.

I mean, not addressing theradical Islamist threat is like sitting on the beach as the hurricane approaches.

The radical Islamists are very clear as to the damage they will inflict. They don't hide it, they don't cover up their intentions. Like the hurricane, we know exactly what will hit us.

What is amazing to me is how many people insist that there is nothing to worry about- they believe the 150 mph winds will somehow not affect them, thinking those winds are no more than a breeze.

Where I come from, there is a name for people like that - idiots. And we're allowing idiots an equal voice in how we ought to defend ourselves from the coming storm.

Oh, I wasn't waiting for thunderous applause. A ferocious thunderstorm knocked out power here, so I went to bed for a long nap.

Only coffee can save me now....
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