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Sunday, November 06, 2005

As Paris Burns, Appeasement Efforts Become More Frantic

It's a remarkable circumstance that as cars, schools and post offices go up in smoke around France, what can cause a political backlash in France is remarking that those who are burning them are scum:
In the past few days the rioting has been spreading to other French towns. On Saturday night, cars were burnt out for the first time in central Paris, in the historic third district. And in the normally quiet Normandy town of Evreux, a shopping mall, 50 vehicles, a post office and two schools were gutted.
Authorities have increasingly blamed the rolling nightly riots on organised crime gangs. But despite consultations with community leaders, young people and local officials, Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin has failed to offer a clear path out of the crisis.

The total of vehicles torched around France on Saturday night and Sunday morning was the highest so far, at 1,295 vehicles, the Interior Ministry said. There were no reports of serious injury.
Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy, accused of stoking passions by calling troublemakers "scum", has ignored calls to resign or apologise.

After a crisis cabinet meeting on Saturday, he said: "We are trying to be firm and avoid any provocation."
This is not going to end until the authorities stop trying to "avoid any provocation", impose a curfew, arrest those who violate it, and shoot those who try to run from checkpoints.

This violence is not new - it is just taking place on a larger scale. Mark Steyn pretty much sums it up:
In Paris, while ''youths'' fired on the gendarmerie, burned down a gym and disrupted commuter trains, the French Cabinet split in two, as the ''minister for social cohesion'' (a Cabinet position I hope America never requires) and other colleagues distance themselves from the interior minister, the tough-talking Nicolas Sarkozy who dismissed the rioters as ''scum.'' President Chirac seems to have come down on the side of those who feel the scum's grievances need to be addressed. He called for ''a spirit of dialogue and respect.'' As is the way with the political class, they seem to see the riots as an excellent opportunity to scuttle Sarkozy's presidential ambitions rather than as a call to save the Republic.
The left is in love with violence, and this is just as true in France as in the US. It's especially admirable if it's violence against Jews, as Steyn correctly remarks:
For half a decade, French Arabs have been carrying on a low-level intifada against synagogues, kosher butchers, Jewish schools, etc. The concern of the political class has been to prevent the spread of these attacks to targets of more, ah, general interest.
The French let that work, and now they are reaping the fruits of five years of "avoiding provocation". This generation of young thugs has seen that beating up people in the streets brings reward and political clout. They will continue to do what they are doing. They will not be stopped for political reasons.

It is time for the Jews to get out of France. The authorities, deep in the land of denial, will always see Jewish victims as the cause rather than the afflicted. Let France burn; it is reaping the reward of its own actions - save yourselves. The American government should offer asylum to all French citizens who are Jewish.

Civil war in Paris dans la Zone du Stalker, here :
Excellent post- your remarks on French Jews are more than apt.
The MSM is both trying to ignore the riots and convey the same tiresome economic and victimization mantra most Euromarxists recite to blame everything on institutions and absolve individuals from any responsibility. I continue to read Le Monde and the French press, and lived several years in France. I am all too well aware of the hyper-leftist social & economic catastrophe that produces 10% unemployment that left-wing Democrats in the US want to duplicate in the USA.

The riots have been going on NINE DAYS, unlike the Watts or ‘92 LA riots when Pompous Buffoon Mitterrand sniffed that LA could not happen in France “BECAUSE OF OUR SOCIAL PROTECTIONS.” Well, these rotten little druggies are running rampant and tsk-tsks from pursed lips aren’t going to stop them.

So much for the French social model.

Immigration is only one of manyreasons France is undergoing these riots.

But Mark Steyn has the larger picture. This is a Eurarabian Civil War. The soft appeasing "continentals" [shades of Christopher Walken!] are being prodded and probed by the mini-terrorists and found squabbling.

Hurray for Sarkozy and hope his partial Jewish origin does not ruin his political career.

A bas le racaille!
Stalker, thanks! That is quite a link. I didn't know someone had been kicked to death.

SC&A, as we've discussed before, this is the 1930's all over again.

Dave in Boca, I spent a few hours reading the German press today. They are in a panic, although they deny that they have the same situation.

But at least they aren't denying what is happening in France.
This is not going to end until the authorities stop trying to "avoid any provocation", impose a curfew, arrest those who violate it, and shoot those who try to run from checkpoints.

I couldn't agree with this more. And you're also dead on, pun intended, that the Jews need to get out of France. I've felt that way for a few years now. They'd better not wait much longer. It certainly does feel like Europe of the 1930s all over again.
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