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Monday, January 30, 2006

Alito Filibuster & H5N1 - Closer Than You Think

The senators are getting bombarded by cries to support a filibuster, and one by one they are telling these people either that they might vote against cloture, they will abstain from voting at all or that they might. They're still flipping, according to DU.

I doubt they want to filibuster. But many of them are now afraid not to vote against cloture. This is an example of the power of the left wing of the Dems when aroused, and it's not feeble at all. Mark Pryor ( gang of 14 ) has supposedly said he will abstain (not vote to end the debate).

So while DU gets very, very excited, I'll meekly point out something I find more signficant. A 15 year old Iraqi girl is now confirmed as having died of H5N1. Her uncle has also now died, the news that he was ill just broke a few days ago. Before this the test results on the girl were said to have ruled out bird flu.These are the first two human cases in Iraq, and they come before any official cases of bird flu in fowl. Supposedly they are now testing 30 people in Iraq (Kurdish territory) for H5N1. Flu Clinic should have constant updates.

Bottom line? Real life is now overtaking politics.

I wonder who's in charge of Iraq reporting. Is it US military or local Iraqi authorities?
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I'm sure you know that there have been rumors of dying birds in northern Iran for months.

Thanks, Lyn. I'll check it out.
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