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Friday, January 27, 2006

Howard On The Press Meltdown

Don't miss this post by Howard of Oraculations. He takes a look at the Hollywood/Journalistic trends:
The MSM is being irretrievably pulled down by their disconnected Left Wing editorial policies like a modern day Titanic headed toward the bottom, the slow slide to a final cemetary impossible to stop. The publishers won't fire anybody because they are just as left as their leftist reporters and they cannot fire their friends. Be aware that media ability to earn huge money, tied to the circulation of opinion means huge power; the power to persuade millions, the power to affect election results, or the ability to start and stop wars is an irresistable lure to the egomaniac in all of us. The money (publishers) will go down with their ships with their flags bravely flying and no stock holder rebellion can save the companies now.
"An irresistible lure to the egomaniac in all of us"!!!!!!

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