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Friday, January 27, 2006

Just Such A Ploy

The DU thread is here. This is the original post in its entirety:

Warning: Repukes have a new tactic that is working very well Rove has implemented a totally new tactic, and its working very well. All the media is falling for it, as are the Dems in congress, as are we here at DU.

They take something that is a non-issue, pretend to cover it up as if it were something bad, then let us "discover" the truth, which turns out to be... nothing really spectacular in the first place - and we look like morons and extremists.

I feel that the Abramoff photos are JUST SUCH A PLOY.

In the end, what will we find? Simple. Pictures of Bush with Abramoff. And.... then.... um..... nothing. They mean nothing. They already can explain them away. Making the photos a big deal is a BAD IDEA.

What we need is to tie Bush to Abramoff directly, thru contibutions, records, documents, etc. Not through simple photos which prove nothing except they were in the same room as each other. The photos are a RED HERRING.

The same thing happened to the Dems in the Alito hearings regarding the CAP documents. They already knew there was nothing in them bad, but then they pretended to be covering them up (Arlen Spectre totally hoodwinked Kennedy), only for Kennedy to end up looking stupid for making such a drama out of what ended up being nothing, which of course, the Repukes ALREADY KNEW.

PSSST - it's working, but now they're wising up - so we're moving on to SuperDuper DoubleSecret Rovian Total Immunity For Secret Crimes Plot #189 - "Illiterate Democrats Can't Read Documents In Library Of Congress, So Document Everything We Want To Conceal And File It There." Pass it on!

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