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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Not Sure

I'm not sure whether this qualifies or humor or as tragedy, but...

DU is beating its collective breast over the Alito confirmation. For example see this thread asking whether DU'rs believe that Bush is seeking to turn the US into
a Fascist state. The answer is yes. He and his entire family have been working for decades to make the US a fascist state, and Alito is his tool to be used for that purpose.

And then there are
blog entries like this:

With the authorizing vote in the Senate today to enact cloture in the debate over Samuel Alito, 230 years of democarcy on this continent came to a screeching halt. At approximately 4:45pm today I was violently tossed against the wall in my living room as the long-running wheels of freedom in America ground to a halt for the firt time in more than two centuries. With my shoulder bruised in the ensuing tumble, I stumbled outside and collapsed on my front lawn where I lay, weeping for my country. I wanted to run and never stop! Run until I was as far away from the storm I could hear
brewing on the horizon as was physically possible. Run until I collapsed from exhaustion! Run in terror! But a horrible aching sense of desperation had taken over my mind.......America, land of the free, is no more. I was overcome with a deep sense of imminent foreboding. My breathing and heartrate increased exponentially until I believed my poor heart would literally explode from my
chest and take off on its own, leaving the rest of the body to fend for itself. After a few minutes of laying there in sheer emotional agony, I dragged my weary corpse back inside my apartment where I await the sound of bootsteps in the hallway and the inevitable knock on my door.

The demise of the land of the free occurred with this nomination? One hardly knows what to say. You run across this sort of thing and think that it's a joke, but it isn't. No, DU is trying to figure out whether we are a fascist state, a feudal state or a slave state.

This is a joke, but Liberal Larry has been outclassed by his more fervid brethren.

DU also wants to know what the sheeple are thinking - how could they have told Gallup that they are proud to be an American in this time of woe? Those who admit to liking the place get quite a thwacking in the DU, but then some bright soul figures it out:
22. Hmmm Wiretap, Smiretap, How about a Wire Reroute?
What if...The NSA/BushCo is controlling the routing of Polltaker phone calls, intercepting them and ANSWERING the poll questionnaires for the people who are supposed to be answering the phone? Then the poll looks legit to the Polltaker, may be they even let a fea call go through, so some people will say 'Hey, yeah, I took that poll' giving it an air of legitimacy.I'm not saying this IS happening, but you know, you NEVER know.

Have these people ever been anywhere?


Help Help I'm being oppressed!!

While it's funny, they need to get out more so they at least have a frame of reference for oppression.
If we weren't in such demand by world leaders and if we weren't on the phone with Isabella Rosellini on a regular basis, our practice would be a legacy left to future generations of brilliant shrinks.

The never ending patient list of the DU posters are our nirvana, research subjects and the source of mortgage free vacation homes and boats.

"The never ending patient list of the DU posters are our nirvana, research subjects and the source of mortgage free vacation homes and boats."

You clever little pshrinks, you, although I wouldn't envy you what kind of muck you have to clear out of THOSE intake strainers.

The slop in the bilges, once you do what must be done to keep the rustbucket floating, will wash right off with enough cleanser.

Wouldn't mind some extra ducats, though.

After WWII my grandparents got my grandma's mother from Europe. One day the local police came around. They were going through the neighborhoods to tell people to get their free immunizations because of some outbreak. The old lady opened the door, screamed, ran into her bedroom and could not be coaxed out for a long time. My grandparents' best friends came over for a visit when I was a teenager; every time they saw a police car they got nervous. I still remember that. Officially they were Poles living in France, but all these people who had been chased from pillar to post spoke a lot of languages; you didn't ask where they were born.

I live in the South. It's true that things have changed, but that doesn't restore the damaged lives. An older man I know is the best golfer I have ever seen; he really makes his living betting at golf. But he's black, and when he was young there was not a chance. We can only do better going forward.

You're right. These people ought to be watching for rattlesnakes; instead they are screaming and running in circles every time they see a gnat.
SC&A - Isabel Rossellini? I am impressed. You should be able to buy and sell Bank of America.

Bilgeman - You have a point. Some jobs are not worth the money.
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