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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Women Who Prevail

Coretta Scott King has died. This will be a big loss to her family. We concentrate on Martin Luther King's inspiration and achievements in the battle for civil rights, but he was also a father and a husband savagely taken from his family. And Coretta had to become head of the family. They are grown now, but her children will feel this loss as a bitter blow. She was the one who shepherded them through.

Jane, a friend of The Anchoress, has also died about a month after being diagnosed with cancer. She left three children aged 21, 16 and 15, who are now arranging her funeral. She too had been left as the head of the family.

Prayers for both these families. A woman's loss is often a desperate tear in the fabric that holds a family together.

She was a rare breed, indeed.

She represented the best of MLK's struggle and at the same time, was always identified as a 'hands on' mother that kept her family together- and instilled within them a higher calling.

There is much to learn from this woman who emerged from 'behind' the great man.
There certainly is.
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