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Friday, February 10, 2006

Let A Lady Say It

The Anchoress is a lady, and she makes some wonderful points about the implications of the political posturing at Coretta Scott King's funeral:

Coretta Scott King was a woman commited to her causes, and yes, she spoke her mind, and that is how it should be. But she was also a woman of social sensibility, and she was a gracious person. For that matter, so was Dr. King.
Anyway, we’re being told that this crassness is all appropriate and that we’d better get used to it - particularly if theworstpersonintheworld, George W. Bush, is around. Get used to it, you say?
If, let’s just say, someday we’re watching the funeral of a former Democrat president, fer instance - and a conservative gets up and moves away from tribute and into politically charged speech…makes sneering remarks about 17% mortgage rates, or Iranian hostages, or bombing aspirin factories, or talking for years and years about WMD’s, or ignoring Rwanda, or lying under oath, or accessing FBI files, or whatever - that will be okay, right?

Of course it wouldn't be okay. One lady is pointing out disrespect to another lady.

What bothers me the most is that an occasion which should have celebrated the life and recognized the essence of a dignified and brave woman was diverted from that purpose. Coretta Scott King deserved to be the star of the occasion for our edification and the peace of her children.

She had been part of an immense social struggle for change in this country, and when her husband was shot, she had to pick up the burden of raising their children alone. That would have been hard enough, but no one can ever convince me that she didn't struggle with an additional burden of raising the children of Martin Luther King, Jr, and all the efforts to make her and them be the symbol of what other people wanted them to be. Some of the events at her funeral seemed like the final reiteration of that painful and difficult position.

Look at the Kennedy family or Cindy Sheehan, and then look at Coretta's children, and perhaps we can all get an inkling of how great a lady Coretta Scott King really was.

Sorry, Maxed Out but I think the speakers mirrored the late Coretta King exactly, and to pretend otherwise is to live in the 60s. The integrated loving society envisioned by the late Dr. King was abandoned long ago by all the usual suspects.
Well, maybe I've missed something while I was in a haze. That would be likely.

Still, from what I know of her, she was a cut above this cloth. I don't agree with some of her political positions, but that doesn't change my opinion of her.

Still, you may well be right. I may have missed some later developments.
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