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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Randal McCloy

Is still trying. Mind you, he still has a feeding tube. The trach tube was removed not long ago. But he's fighting for it:

Sunday night, when Anna and Rick were in Randy's room, Rick asked for some hand lotion.
Anna found some and joked, as she handed it to him, that it was "butt cream."
"Randy started laughing really hard," she recounts.
Randy's mother, Tambra Flint, 43, says he can drink from a straw. "He's trying real
hard," Flint says. "You see emotion on his face. There's times when he's there and times when he's not."

Randy's youngest brother in a family of five kids, Chris McCloy, 20, says Randy grabbed his hand and rubbed it on his face during one particularly emotional moment. "I was thanking him for
always being there for me, and that we had our whole lives together to do fun things," Chris

  • They all say Randy shows signs of frustration when he's trying to move his legs and they won't cooperate. "He'll sit in his room and try to lift his legs," McGee says. "He picks his pant leg up."
Via Florida Cracker, who has the funniest and shortest comment upon Mugabe's latest initiative. There is a fund set up for Randal Mcloy: Randal McCloy Jr. Fund, c/o Clear Mountain Bank, 1889 Earl Core Road, Morgantown, WV 26505

He's still trying, so why not send in a few bucks? If you read the whole article, you'll see that the doctors are quite guarded in their assessment:

Once Randy is able to speak or otherwise express himself, doctors and his family will have a better
sense of his "cognitive abilities, his memories, his emotions," the doctor says."Communication allows us to peek into his inside," Biundo explains. "Communication is the link."

Nope, love is.

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