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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Thread Of The Month

DU had a brief moment of joy when it was reported that churches were being burned in Alabama around the time of Alito's confirmation, which was clearly the proof that Pope Alito's ascension was the signal for the BusHitlerites to run burning and pillaging through the land of liberals. Then it turned out that most of them were white churches.

Now the news of burned churches in Santa Cruz, CA has inspired DU. It is a Rovian plot to make liberals look bad:
Vandals struck five Santa Cruz churches, a Christian bookstore and the historic Santa Cruz Mission Adobe on Saturday night in what police are calling a hate crime.

The vandals used a stencil to leave specially crafted messages and images about a half-foot across. One depicted a cross with an equal sign followed by a swastika. Church leaders said another stated "Abort Christ," a message one minister called "stunning and distressing."
4. Yeah, this is getting spookier and spookier - are they trying todemonize us further to make our arguements null when we speak out against war with Iran or Shrub's criminal wiretaps?
35. I guarantee you it's white punks on dope what did it, but I blame society.
Typical graffiti but targeting the churches has elevated this to a "hate crime" I suppose... NOT. Hate Crimes charges are for Violence against HUMANS not property.
Get that? Burning down a Christian church is not a hate crime. Believe me, it is gospel at DU that arguing against gay marriage is a hate crime. You really have to read this thread:
1. the MSM will blame liberals and gays
responding to the previous:
29. lol you have never been to SC
I probably know the type of person who did this and I can tell you that you are likely not far off the mark. Not that I condone such an act nor would I paint all SC radicals with such a broad brush...
5. The mission is a historic building.
It has value beyond any religious significance that may belong to it. It can even be seen as a monument to the cruelty to the Native Americans on the part of the padres.

So this just seems wrong to me.
Bwahahaaaa! Burning churches is okay, but burning historic buildings is not!
22. anyone getting suspicious about this?
with the run up of the war drums against Iran,
would it not be Rovian to do an anthrax attack on "the American way of life" by attacking religions?
Doesn't that play into the hands of an uber-government to protect our churches?
Isn't that a perfect way to sneak in even more authoritarian control over our lives?

It stinks. 5 churches in Alabama, another 5 in california.
This stinks of Karl Rove and neocon operatives.
You've got to read the thread. DU is constantly comparing Christians to Nazis. Constantly.


"You've got to read the thread. DU is constantly comparing Christians to Nazis."

No, thanks.

Has it occurred to any of those Deep Thinkurs over there that these burned churches might be the work of Muslims?

It has crossed my mind...

I doubt it. The wildeyed ones seem to regard the swastika as a fine symbol of a brilliant man with a brilliant idea. So they wouldn't use it as an insult.
It is precisely because of those comparisons to the Nazis the dems will lose the next election.

Americans want good government- not just hate. They see the shallowness far better than the nitwits at DU, et al, might imagine.

They are in fact, a caricature.

As for Bilgemans remarks, I too have thought that a possibility.
Well, I certainly hope the average Democratic politician isn't cut out of this cloth!

I agree - I think we all would like some politicians less likely to posture and more devoted to the people's business. I was reading early this morning about the Alaska oinking, and it is not a pretty picture.
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