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Friday, November 21, 2008

Wreck The Economy Because

Wreck the economy because .... we've got to deal with a crisis that doesn't seem to be under our control:

Temperatures are falling already.

And let's look at the drivers:

PMOD TSI is total solar irradiance, which is pretty closely correlated with the sunspot cycle.

Note that CO2 is increasing more rapidly as temperature falls off. It looks like the sun/GHG race is being won by the sun. Nor is this really abnormal for the sun - what was abnormal was the recent period:

Over a scale of centuries, the 20th century had abnormally high solar activity. Solar activity varies a lot. The temperature has historically moved with the sun, and it is STILL moving with the sun. My personal guess is that CO2 is having a small effect, but obviously nothing significant.

We do have to transition away from some fuels, but that's because the supply is getting short and the cost of producing those fuels is getting too high. There's no reason to do it because of a threat to the climate!

My guess is the motto of the next populist revolution will be "First, we kill all the climate scientists." It would make a cute T-shirt, wouldn't it?

Update: Of course, if you still believe Armageddon is nigh due to CO2, you might want to apologize for killing whales. SAVE THE WHALES - BURN COAL!

Further Update: Maybe ethanol subsidies aren't such a great idea after all. Obama pressure.

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