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Friday, December 10, 2010

November Hospital Insurance Receipts

Ay, ay, next time they should provide mood enhancers with this report.

November 2009:
Wages: 15,852
Self: 44

November 2010:
Wages: 15,662
Self: 46

Total wages and salary (because hospital insurance is charged on the entire amount) dropped YoY by 1.2%. That is worse than October. I was hoping to see go the other way (about -0.8% YoY). So much for my cheerful speculations.

Note that self-employed receipts are better, which is true of October also, and squares somewhat with NFIB data. This is the government finance problem coming to haunt us. We just have to live through it. Because government jobs pay better than private sector jobs, losing one government job outweighs two average private sector jobs gained.

How much longer can real assets remain elevated
with declining compensation and rising expenses ?
I think another drop in real estate prices will start the
next spiral down, taking the rest of the FIRE economy
with it.

We can't lose those government jobs soon enough. The boyfriend likes to watch the Vancouver City Council (WA) on cable.Last night, we were treated to a guy defending himself for illegally removing a 31" diameter tree from his property.Now, we do have a lot of trees in this area. He'd gone in and thought he'd gotten his permit,but seems that when you pay the money, you're just paying for the application. When they serviced him with the notice, he tried again to get a permit. If we had money, we'd spring for a lawyer for this guy and sue the city. It's just some poor working guy trying to deal with insane regulations.
In a followup to the tree story, we discovered that they are requiring a "tree plan" primarily for new developments (although it doesn't really say that). And you'll be held accountable for how you prune and water the tree. They talked about the "urban tree canopy", as though we are supposed to be living in a forest. The boyfriend is going to the council meeting on Monday, to see if he can help stop the madness. The tree the guy cut down was all of about 80 years old.
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