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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Alive, Just Busy

The virus knocked me down hard and everything's way backed up, plus I have little energy to work with.

As soon as the alligators let go of my leg I will resume.

You're thoughts are sorely missed. Get well soon.
Take it easy. Hope you get well soon.
I have so missed your analysis of things.

Hope you get better soon, but don't push . . get well first.
Glad to hear you're still around; get better & run the alligators off ... we'll be here waiting.
Welcome [partly] back!

WV = ectropy rBabla

The rBabla virus can be especially brutal.
Lot of stuff going around this spring. There is an epidemic of whooping cough here in our neck of the woods. The missus and me already had it two months ago at the beginning of the outbreak. Three weeks to get back to what passes for normal. Aarrrggghhh!

Wishing you a full recovery.
Nice article, thanks for the information.
miss the voice of reason

maxed out mama = straight shooter
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