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Friday, November 15, 2013

I'm Alive, But Too Busy To Post

And ACA isn't survivable anyway. Fiscally it's an unsustainable disaster, and procedurally it is hopelessly flawed, and then the feds effed up the exchanges (how people are going to enroll and the insurance companies will get paid seems to be up in the air). So what's the use? It is tragic for the people whose lives are being devastated, but I am not going to waste my time. The Dems broke it, the Dems will have to own up and fix it.

What happened is that I have been working on the precursors to diabetes for a couple of years (medically). To some extent I was doing this with SuperDoc, to some extent with PNat. PNat just does the helpful analysis that hints at where to look.

Anyway, I had gotten to the point where I could consistently roll myself in and out of diabetes (I wasn't going to experiment on other people this way), but it had nothing to do with all the things you read about in the standard medical literature. Doc concluded at one point that I must have some weird sort of cancer, and I pointed out to him that I was doing this more than 20 years ago, and no way could I be living if that were true.

So we met at the pass and then doc was so fascinated about how I had diabetes but didn't that I think he concluded I must be a super genius at managing blood sugars (he should have known better, but I guess the truth was too weird). Anyway, I told him that I could do this with other people. I knew this because I HAVE been doing it with other people rather consistently. 

So he started having me work with newly diagnosed severe diabetics, and sure enough, I can roll them back to an extent. They still have something wrong with them, but they are technically not diabetics. Also their bloodwork turns miraculously beautiful and their organ function jumps way up. Including pancreatic function.

So then I figured out how to all the way reverse my condition. So then doc had me work with this guy in heart failure, and lalala, it appears that he is abruptly coming out of cardiomyopathy. So now we are trying to do the full rollback with patients to see if we can.

This is extremely complicated both procedurally and medically. It appears to be an approach that hasn't been taken before, and according to PNat, this is also implicated in the development of several other odd diseases, especially auto-immune.

So SuperDoc is running in aphasic excited circles, both of us are staying up all night reading, and if we hadn't made an agreement on Wednesday that we needed to sleep I wouldn't even be posting this.

At the very minimum it appears we may have some protocols for metabolic disease that will be hugely helpful to many patients.

So to cut a long story rather short, SuperDoc says we are setting up a clinic just to do this and research, so we can develop the whole thing. I have agreed to be part of it, because the protocol is individual for each patient.  

This has to do with the ATP cycle. But then, what doesn't in a living organism?

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