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Friday, October 29, 2004

TP: Pathology of Commerce

TP: Pathology of Commerce

This is from a sort of German site, and this is a review of a film claiming that corporations rule America - the film, of course, is Canadian. Being Canadian, it has the infinite wisdom to determine the essential cause of the problem with America, which is the Supreme Court having ruled that corporations have due process rights under the 14th amendment.

It's all so simple when you're Canadian! Michael Moore, of course, is lurking in there, although it's hard to lurk when you're the size of Michael Moore.

A situation in which corporations have no due process rights under law would of course be rather disadvantageous for their investors. Said investors being more than half of the American public, it appears unlikely that this thesis will ever gain much credibility among the voters. My guess is that it's quite popular among college professors among the progressively Marxist sort, though, and so I serve it up as a warning and an example.

In the forums on both Howard Dean's website and Democratic Underground I have seen multiple references to the above theory, so it does have currency and credibility of a sort.

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