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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Why I don't want to live in the UK

Come on in and shop until you drop!

"In 1994 an English home-owner, armed with a toy gun, managed to detain two burglars who had broken into his house while he called the police. When the officers arrived, they arrested the home-owner for using an imitation gun to threaten or intimidate. In a similar incident the following year, when an elderly woman fired a toy cap pistol to drive off a group of youths who were threatening her, she was arrested for putting someone in fear."

Read the whole article. 53% of English burglaries occur while someone is at home. That, to me, is intimidating and fear-causing. We had a problem with people dropping by and shopping at our place. Somehow they always forgot to leave payment, and I found it quite frightening to walk out to the shed for bugspray and find two men loading up their truck with hoses and tools.

So I taught my dogs, who roam free on the place, to act vicious when people drive up, and now we're no longer the local Wal-Mart. (At the same time I trained them as assistance and search dogs. They aren't vicious or dangerous, but they sure look like it.)

Now people drive up, wait in their trucks with the windows rolled up, and ask plaintively if we have puppies when I come out. The criminal element exists everywhere in the world - it's just a question of the balance of power. People, in my part of the world, don't get robbed while they are at home because over 90% of the homes have guns in them.

Jesus Christ, I didn't know that the situation in the U.K was that bad...ouch.

Jinu Johnson
And this is precisely why 86% of gun deaths amoung children under the age of 15 happen in the United States and not the UK. In the UK an average of 4% of households have guns, and 1.3% of homicides are gun related. Compare this with the USA where 41% of homes have guns and 62.4% of homicides are gun related. Do you feel safer now?
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