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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Barbara Boxer, Spinner Of Tales

Senator Barbara Boxer is writing a fiction novel:
The novel follows Ellen from her days as an idealistic college student, through romantic entanglements, to a difficult marriage to a rising political star. When her husband is killed, she steps into his campaign for the Senate and is elected. On the eve of a crucial senate vote, her personal and political worlds collide when her right-wing adversaries recruit her former lover to sabotage her credibility and career.
Follow me (as I shudder in tremulous delight) on a voyage of discovery brought to us by the manly arms of INDC Journal. There is a link to the original article and he has scored ... excerpts. Excerpts guaranteed as accurate as a Milwaukee voter registration card. And they say bloggers aren't to be taken seriously! Hah! Take this, and this!

I think Senator Boxer's novel should be entitled "The Thrust Of His Argument".


Odd - I posted about that big mouth just the other day - compared her to the better female she tried to slam. Some of the gullible think her abusive questioning showed her as a "get tough" senator. In reality, she was a disgrace to her party - a party whose majority voted for Dr. Rice.

"The Thrust of his Argument" Great title. Politician porn, or "How we sell ourselves and our beliefs like the whores we are."

Too funny Mama, too funny!

Well, they're expensive, so I think we should at least get our money's worth in terms of hilarity.

Isn't politicians writing books often a type of racket? Didn't somebody get nabbed for having most of his bulk book sales occur to lobbyists? And didn't some conservative Senator's wife have a sort of racy historical novel in her background?

What immediately struck me when I read INDC's post was that Boxer is going to get a very direct monetary return for having good national name recognition on that book, and so I guess we can expect a lot of pretty headline-grabbing positions from her through November.

And did you see the quote? The one where she said she felt as if Condoleeza Rice "attacked her"? When you have a name like Boxer.... I think the blogosphere should help ghostwrite her book, don't you? This is all too funny to ignore. The possibilities are thrilling!
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