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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Coming To A School Near You

Yesterday I linked to Mamacita's story about a child she called "Alucard", who cut a swath of terror through an elementary school until he finally went ballistic in fourth grade and was removed in a squad car. Today I read this story about an incident in a school in Philadelphia; a third grader pricked 19 classmates with what sounds like a diabetes tester. Of course this does amount to sharing needles, so they tested all the kids, and they have one preliminary positive for HIV. Hopefully it is a false positive:
The 8-year-old stuck her Taylor Elementary schoolmates Wednesday at the school’s breakfast, at lunch and in the classroom, using a needle that was about one-third of an inch long, on the end of a device that looks like a pen, school officials said. They were unsure why the girl did it.

She was suspended and will probably be moved to another school, said Paul Vallas, the school district’s chief executive.
Still, all these parents and kids are going to get a scare, waiting for tests. And if the one HIV positive test turns out to be positive, then the kids pricked after that child are going to have to have repeated tests for HIV and may be treated with some very toxic drugs as a precaution.

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